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    As the deadly coronavirus began to spread, Beijing wasted the most critical resource to fight it: trust.
    FEBRUARY 15, 2020, 4:48 PM
    The novel coronavirus epidemic has reached a critical juncture. Steps taken over the next few days, particularly by Beijing’s leadership, will decide the fate of the virus and whether it spreads internationally to become a genuine pandemic. Time is short for the Chinese government to prevent a catastrophe.

    Are China’s official reports, including claims that its control efforts are succeeding and the epidemic will soon peak, credible? Omens look bad. Once praised by the World Health Organization (WHO) and scientists worldwide for its quick, transparent response to the newly named COVID-19, China now faces international vilification and potential domestic unrest as it blunders through continued cover-ups, lies, and repression that have already failed to stop the virus and may well be fanning the flames of its spread.


    Even if the coronavirus disease kills only 1 percent of its victims, 1 percent of 60 percent of 7 billion people is a staggering death toll, placing the coronavirus alongside the three biggest pandemics of human history—the 14th-century plague, the 1918 influenza, and the current HIV/AIDS toll. [7,000,000,000 *.6*.01= 42,000,000-RG]


    Unfortunately, China is showing how all this can go wrong, making a crisis into a catastrophe. Xi’s government has provided the world with reams of data, but their credibility, or lack thereof, is inextricably bound to the CCP’s methods of governance, censorship, intimidation, and toadyism. The rest of the world is left to prognosticate and prepare without really knowing what havoc the coronavirus enemy is capable of wreaking.

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    Everyone knows there is no trust in China. It's basically USSR Jr. over there, where the gov't/govt-owned CEOs are the true 1% and the citizens are the expendable low class. The people are like the Red Army over there, blindly dying for their government.

    /I worked with a lot of talented, hard working Chinese people in my last job in consumer electronics. Smart people being treated as work slaves. Just as smart as the West, but sure as not free.

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