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    Tom presented with diamond encrusted Tampons this season. Virtually everyone back from the Super Bowl roster including thug and woman hater Antonio Brown weaseling out of any legal woes.
    Surely the refs will be on board peaking per the usual at playoff time. Toms offseason workouts seem 2nd to none. Fabulous for 44.

    Off to a nifty 2-0 start.

    Bellicheat going with Mac Jones and looking very good so far. Macs passer rating in top 6 fwiw. With the exception of the fumble by RB the Pats are 1-1 instead of 2-0.

    Certainly appears the Bucs with Brady are primed for a much better year but let's see what Bellicheat can continue with.
    Feel free to judge by roster also. Example a Bellicheat 10-6 could be considered much better then a Tom 12-4.
    Lets see.

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    Pity post.

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