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    slob was the first to mention intrigue by Tom to Tampa.

    You know Belichick would like to Super without Tom.

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    Donald J. Mother in' Trump. MAGA, es.

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    Donald J. Mother in' Trump. MAGA, es.
    He's got good coaching advice.

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    Bill Belichick has raved about Cam Newton's abilities, and now he has a chance to resurrect them
    by Charles Robinson

    Cliffs: Few are likely to recall it now, but in 2017, when the league was shifting into overdrive toward quarterbacks who could improvise with the football in their hands, Belichick called Newton “public enemy No. 1” when it came to guys who drove defenses crazy with their ability to create with their arms and feet.
    A few days later, Newton beat the Patriots in Gillette Stadium 33-30, throwing for 316 yards and three touchdowns while running for 44 yards and a fourth score.
    Belichick forgets nothing when it comes to the players who beat him. And there might not be a single coach in the NFL who has made a living destroying the league with players and schemes that create mismatches. It’s one of the reasons why the Patriots had an affinity toward Lamar Jackson in the 2018 NFL draft — to the point of not only working him out, but also considering him as the team’s next potential replacement for Brady.

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    he kinda signed with the colts

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    I know it's never going to happen, but I will thought Stafford and Belichick would be a good pairing.

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    James Morgan FIU.
    Take article FWIW.
    Patriots Considering Surprise QB in Draft

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    I hope the Patriots draft Love and the Cowboys get Hurts

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