The First Goal Scorer Betting System is definitely one of the most popular markets. Itís when you place a bet on a specific player to score the very first goal of the match. If any other player, no matter the team, scores first, you will lose your bet.


  1. Very simple to use;
  2. The odds can be very high, resulting in high profits when you make the right prediction;
  3. If the first goal of the game is an own goal, it does not count towards first goal scorer. If the player you bet on scores the second goal of the game, you will win your bet.


  1. If the player you bet doesnít get to play the game, sitting on the bench for the entire match, or if he gets subs uted in or comes on after the first goal already has been scored, the bet will be void and you will get your money back from the bookmaker;
  2. If your player gets subs uted into the match after an own goal and doesn't score the first real goal, then you have lost the bet;
  3. If you bet on a player but the game finishes goalless, you will lose your bet;
  4. The prices can be higher as the chances of scoring first are harder than scoring at any time.