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    Different from other professional sports, the result of a football match can be a Draw – no team wins. Accordingly, there are 3 possible outcomes, Team A wins, Team B wins, or Draw. This betting option means if you pick one of the two teams to win and the game ends up tied at the end of 90 minutes, you will lose your bet.


    1. Follow your intuition to predict draws. A match consisting of two teams of relatively equal strength and ability is more likely to end up in a draw. If both teams are priced below 3.0 then usually, they are pretty evenly matched;
    2. A match consisting of both teams with a strong defensive play or, a lack of offensive firepower – leading to fewer predicted goals – is more likely to end in a draw;
    3. If the price on Under 2.5 Goals is 1.65 or lower this is a match with very low goal expectancy;
    4. Research teams that tend to exhibit extremes in their performances, in order to predict matches that are more likely to end in a draw;
    5. Research how likely are draws within each league on Today's Football Predictions. Low scoring leagues tend to have a high frequency of draws;
    6. Take a look at historical data to find draw matches and patterns. Don’t base your entire judgment on this;
    7. Analyze recent soccer trends, particularly, goals scored – taking it as the benchmark for team performance and relative strength throughout the season is a good strategy to rank competing teams;
    8. Study if a draw is a good result for both teams, by looking at the league table scenarios and upcoming fixtures for both teams.

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    its simple man, watch the game...
    the team that attacks more will end up scoring eventually against a weak ass defensive team
    the team that has a lead, usually lets in a goal or more with mental lapses costing the win

    i prefer attacking matches even if no goals, as long u challenge the keeper make him earn that clean that have no shots on target ended up 0-0, might as well go watch paint dry

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