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    - only a round-robin schedule over a few weeks to get ready for the playoffs
    - no fans present until at least the playoffs
    - players checked for fever several times a day (quarantined obviously if they get sick)
    - only playing in 1 or 2 host cities, either cities with few/no reported cases, or cities with very strong quarantines

    I think it's a decent idea, tbh, given their state as past the peak of cases currently. Maybe the NBA can consider something like this in April?

    - 15-20 or so games over a month in May - June, no fans
    - playoffs in July, shortened to 5 game series, hopefully with fans but no fans if it's still raging
    - fever checking and huge things of hand sanitizer everywhere, no high fives only corona elbow bumps
    - cities: some in Montana, Utah, Phoenix or whatever has low cases and good hospitals, and multiple arenas preferred to host the games. No travelling allowed whatsoever (so Harden, Giannis also banned)
    - LeBron banned for his offensive fouls, which initiate unnecessary contact

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    define peak numbers?

    the numbers coming out of china is bull like their economic numbers....

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