"It feels so good!"

That's the vibes Russell Westbrook and James Harden must be feeling when they found out the season was indefinitely suspended, and they would have massive amounts of free time to fornicate in Houston during the COVID-19 outbreak.

According to reports, Harden was instrumental in the pursuit of Westbrook following Adam Silver's early-March announcement. After Paul George left OKC for Los Angeles to link up with Kawhi Leonard and the Clippers, Harden knew that it was time to go all in on his old Thunder teammate.

"I've been knowing Russell since I was 10 years old. We grew up together," Harden said Friday. "Obviously, when I left Oklahoma City, I was sad. But then Houston made a home for me. Rockets is my home. And now an opportunity became available where Russ wasn't happy. Now we're back. I love that man; he's my man."

"I really like to dish it out, and when James is on the receiving end, you know, when I'm driving in and giving it to him, it's just... wonderful" said a teary-eyed Westbrook.

Westbrook also added that, even though his volume of triple-doubles has decreased since joining fellow stat-padder Harden on the Rockets, the sharing of meaningless statistics with his boyfriend has provided them a romantic "bonding" moment that they laugh about at family dinners and in the bedroom together.

Additionally, "The fact that we're together in Texas makes it extra special. We're basically the modern day Brokeback Mountain cowboys, baby" comments a a grinning Harden, with what had the looks of used coffee grounds dangling from his beard after a particularly "fierce" match of one-on-one.

"And that beard man, that thing is special. Every time he takes it down, all the way to the rim, man... it's the best feeling ever knowing he's always got me," remarked Westbrook.

So while the Houston Rockets had a promising season that will most likely end with a solid win-loss record of 40-24 and possibly no playoffs, they still have one of the greatest and most inspirational stories in the league, one of true love, loss, separation, and rediscovery; essentially, a modern-day, pro basketball-applied tale of The Notebook.


Link - The Houston Daily Chronicle