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    You say that like there's something wrong with having an open mind. Politicians fight for votes from people like me. Yours are already a guarantee regardless of the caliber of candidate.
    You don't have an open mind. The second anyone asks you what would change your mind one way or another you curl up into a ball saying it's nobody's business. There's no plausible way you are going to decide to vote for Biden. Feel free to prove me wrong.

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    his first huge mistake

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    Example 2:

    October 2016: "Hillary will mop the floor with Trump, run Hillary run, 98% chance of winning, w00t!"
    December 2016: "Hillary was the worst candidate the left could have run, don't want to hear about Hillary.." "ding"

    Example 3:

    2016 - "Tim Kaine destroyed Pence with facts!"
    2020 - "Hillary lost because of Tim Kaine"
    "Most qualified person for president ever."

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