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    As customers waited several hours outside the gates, many seemed less concerned about social distancing and the risk of COVID-19 exposure.

    “I’m tired of sitting inside all the time," said one parkgoer. "They say heat and humidity is the COVID-19 enemy. And what do we have here: 99% humidity and 90-degree temperatures.”

    He added people can decide if visiting a water park is right for them.

    “We chose to come and enjoy our weekend. They didn’t put a chain on our necks and drag us here," he said.

    “I think there’s more of a risk as far as a kid dying driving over here in the car in an accident than a kid dying of coronavirus,” said water park visitor Ken Thomas.

    GOOD !!!

    If only more CEO's and customers had this mentality, Covid-19 would be defeated.

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    I'd take part in this non-cuckold approved activity.

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