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    Lawmakers Warn 'Onerous' New USPS Loan Terms Imposed by Mnuchin

    'Could Accelerate Demise of Postal Service'

    an emergency loan agreement announced Wednesday by Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin and new Postmaster General

    Louis DeJoy—a major donor to President Donald Trump and the GOP

    —could "accelerate the demise of the Postal Service" by

    giving the administration unprecedented access to the popular agency's internal operations.

    the USPS will gain access to $10 billion in emergency funding approved by Congress back in March provided that

    the agency adheres to a number of requirements, including

    providing the Trump administration with

    "historical and protected business, financial, operational, contractual, and planning data

    that Treasury may determine is necessary to evaluate USPS's current and future financial condition."

    also requires USPS to give the Treasury Department

    access to proprietary information about the Postal Service's
    private-sector shipping contracts and

    bars the agency from accessing the emergency funds if its "cash balance exceeds $8 billion."

    "would inappropriately insert the Treasury into the internal operations of the Postal Service."

    "These terms would severely limit the Postal Service's access to capital and

    could accelerate the demise of the Postal Service that

    all Americans, especially seniors, small businesses, veterans, and those living in rural communities, rely upon every day, especially during the pandemic,"

    DeJoy continues to rush ahead with sweeping operational changes at the USPS

    that postal workers believe are part of a deliberate effort to sabotage the beloved government ins ution and put it

    on a path toward privatization—a longtime goal of the conservative movement.

    USPS leadership launched a pilot program that could result in

    significant delays in mail delivery by barring postal workers from sorting packages during their morning operations.

    In Portland, Maine,

    letter carriers
    allege they are being instructed to delay first-class parcels in order to prioritize Amazon packages.

    "The Trump administration is on record for raising prices, reducing service, and reducing workers' rights and benefits."

    "post offices around the country are slashing their hours—including during the busiest times of day—with little notice as yet another abrupt cost-saving measure" implemented by

    DeJoy, previously the CEO of New Breed Logistics, a private firm with a history of union-busting activity.

    "All of the changes Motherboard has reviewed were announced only by signs hanging on the post office doors."

    DeJoy's cost-cutting measures also threaten

    to disrupt upcoming elections

    as an record number of Americans turn to vote-by-mail as the safest way to cast their ballots amid the pandemic.

    "The Trump administration's attempts

    to politicize, privatize, and gut USPS

    in the middle of a pandemic and unprecedented vote-by-mail is

    one of the biggest scandals in American politics right now,"

    "the electoral implications for the destruction of the Postal Service are momentous."

    "If it is forced to curtail its service," Pascrell wrote,

    "our ability to hold a national election could be obliterated."

    And where are the feckless, less, spineless, gutless Dems?

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    Honestly though any non rich person who supports privatizing the USPS is a ing idiot

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