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    It is safe to play college football.

    Period, point blank. These kids are 18-21 years old. The alternative, like the Clemson QB said, is kids going back home and partying, hanging out with friends, etc, with no benefit of furthering their football careers, and with all the risk of getting COVID with no insurance largely.

    If the kids play football like SEC will, they will be able to live their young lives playing the sport they love and were born to play. They will get their degrees or join the NFL and make millions. They will not get sick and die. They are in their primes and this disease is past itís prime. We have great testing and if it is safe for a 45 year old housewife or a 55 year old diabetic American male to get a haircut or fly on a plane with 120 other people in close quarters with just a neck gaiter on, it is safe enough for a 20 year old 250lb lineman who runs a 4.8 40 to play football.

    Live on your feet than die on your knees, anyway.

    Letís play some football, Big 10. You have the data. Deploy those 15 minute tests. No fans in stands anyway. Make the right decision.

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    big10 sux cawk

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    entering an interesting part of the season for both high school and college. I wouldn't be surprised by additional postponements; the key will be in limiting the extent of the domino effect. high schools are also seeing postponements; steele and wagner yesterday and NB v. smithson valley today. that district has two built in byes but after that, it gets tricky.

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