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    Guys, let me ask for help and advice.

    We are playing „beGM” game with 30 guys as alternative scenario for NBA. It started 4 years ago and we can call it BB manager with RTFantasy
    everyone is running one team with mirror rules from CBA and nba schedule.
    trades negotiations drafts and Results of Games are voting oriented and relationships driven.
    of joy: every season has 3 parts of RS and POs. Every GM has to describe strategy, minutes for players, rotation etc... 3 years period for financial balance ( better results better profits or tank mode with cheaper players ). It is importand how players are playing in Real Games but it is not fantasy points league. Not copy paste results but stats are helpfull for sure.

    I have privilage to run our Spurs and right now wondering what to do.
    I adore Your knowledge so help is needed.

    roster of my spurs:

    Dejounte Murray with new 4x14M extension
    Malcolm Brogdon from FAM 23,24,25M
    LMA 23,24M$
    Wiggins ( but with reasonable 15M PO)
    C Reddish (Rookie contract)
    John Collins ( just before extension)
    I Zubac (25/3)
    Monte Morris as backup PG
    Rudy Gay (10M plus 10M TO)
    Tony Bradley
    Nissir Little
    Alex Len ( overpaid 24/3)
    A Schoefeld

    importand notę:’
    having #12&16 2020 1rd picks
    weak 25-30 2021 1rd but 2 high 2rders

    spurs are strong enough for POs and to weak to compete with Real force.
    (WC is much stronger with lakers Buttler LBJ Ingram Russel core and TW with Lillard Tatum Booker smallball monstrum)

    any ideas?

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    Young core with some prospects: Ivica Reddish Little Collins
    2 mid 1rd picks 2020
    weak Stars tier ( 3 players from top 50 only) without SS ( Lost voting for Butler as cornerstone)
    Sałary (115M and 15 PO Wiggins makes 130.000 for 12 players )
    No own 2021 ( I will try to buy it Back)
    Heavy centers team
    no 3&D (Reddish can be Soon maybe Little)
    John Collins isnt player with respect from other GMs

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    you didn’t max forbes?

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    You are never going to be able to successfully manage a team without at least one stint in rehab. Cheers!

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