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    I could see Derp awakening from his 10 minute nap in a cold sweat at 3 a.m. just to go back and delete a post from a 6 month old thread...gotta delete the embarrassment before start of business hours tbh imho

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    2010 Chargers - #1 offense, #1 defense. #32 special teams. Clipper Nation . no playoffs.
    2011 Eagles - The Dream Team, no playoffs
    2012 Lions - Megatron goes for 2,000 yards, but Lions go 4-12 and miss playoffs
    2013 Cowboys - fantastic offense, compe ive in every game but... #32 defense, no playoffs
    2014 Browns - good team on both sides of the ball, but missed playoffs due to great division and poor QB play.
    2015 Eagles - loaded with talent but Chip Kelly happened Missed playoffs
    2016 Falcons - great on both sides of the ball, but 28-3'd.... 'nuff said. Normally I wouldn't put a SB runner up in this kind of category but 28-3 is in a class of its own
    2017 Seahawks - fantastic all-time defense but then injury bug bit and they couldn't run the ball. missed playoffs.
    2018 Packers - compe ive in almost every game, rough schedule, healthy Rodgers, but missed playoffs
    2019 Cowboys - #1 offense by a wide mile, top 10 defense, #32 special teams, Jason Garrett, 8-8 and missed playoffs
    2020 Raiders - compe ive in almost every game... lost some close ones... Darren Waller is a deus ex machina, but somehow missed the playoffs

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