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    Wish we could use some of these turnovers and scores for other games where we really need them.
    Too bad. Fortunately we will get to play the entire team. Seems like its been a long time we have found ourselves on the + end of a early blowout.

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    The only two negatives for me is our OL allowing Thompson to get hit a handful of times really hard, one leading to the int. and our inability to hit the long pass. I think the long pass will come in due time, with the more Thompson and the receivers build their chemistry. The hits on Thompson is an OL issue though. We need them to step up and protect our captain.

    At least the OL is run blocking like beasts tonight. 2 guys with over 100 yds rushing and 4 TDs......this is some old school offense....

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    I wish Mo Bamba was a San Antonio sucks that he is wasting away on the Orlando bench.

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