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    Card man?

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    We were told how deep and talented our D line was at the beginning of the year last year. (second only to the RB position)
    We had zero ability on the edge.
    We were told how our d lineman would occupy the opponents O line so the linebackers could make plays.
    Our LBs could not find a RB, no vision. And the Lbs who might have been able to actually read seams were mud slow. Overshown is playing college football again this year because he was bad and he got hurt. We had to put an ex receiver from the NW to play safety... Have either one of our ex safetys "stars" Foster/Amidora been picked up in the portal? Why not... ? 5 and 4 star at S not swooped up immediately?

    Surely Patterson can tell if guys our out of position and who can play what on defense.
    We get told that players will be put in a position to succeed and we play LBs next to Overshown who cant even move well. And Overshown just cant find people.
    imo lots of fixing on both O line and D line as well and hope our QBs survive if our O line fails to block again. Its no mistake that our best recruiting for this next year relied heavily on people who can play hopefully play O line. And imo we still need Campbell badly as we might have to have two true FR Olinemen starting.

    We really need a good season and play really good games. Or we wont be able to take advantage of the recruiting gifts we were given by coaches switching schools and the NIL money again like we did this year.

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    Best edge man was hurt most of the season Jones! Do not worry chances we will beat Kansas this year.

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    Patterson will probably be gone soon. And PK wasn’t exactly put in a good spot. The defense was not good. But the offense sucked too. So Sark is responsible for most of that.
    Hopefully they will pick his brain for 1 year and show him the door. Patterson is an egomaniac. That kind of gets old quick.
    PK was awesome in Washington and in Boise State. He was a big reason Peterson had so much success in both places. He needs a little time but I think we he will make our defense great.

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    Get out the wallet !!!

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    Get out the wallet !!!
    I did, unfortunately all I found was an expired coupon for HEB and some lint.

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    I did, unfortunately all I found was an expired coupon for HEB and some lint.
    Haha. You must not be an Aggie

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    He's Florida or LSU bound.

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    That’s what I’m hearing too. But recruiting has been crazy. NIL money has everything upside down. You just never know these days.
    I think Campbell is solid, but I am nervous

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