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    These dudes ain’t proved . Y’all want recruits? Either put kids in the NFL (we haven’t) or win (ahahahahaha). To easy to negatively recruit against this piss poor program. Hopefully Sark can be a successful head coach. This malaise is the direct consequence of Steve Patterson, Charlie Strong, lack of AD after Steve Patterson, and Tom Herman. The only thing that could have turned it around immediately was Urban. That’s it. Now the staff has to put the work in to wash off the stain of the last ten years. If the team starts to win, this recruiting will take care of itself.
    yeah and head coaching changes usually result in an immediate drop in recruiting. if they go out and have a good year, that combined with the SEC move will have things on their way up quickly. hopefully bijan can have a heisman level year and thompson is good enough to lead the team to a big 12 championship.

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    I'm talking about the coaches so called lying... but what has Michigan done?
    Great point. Counterpoint, more than Texas over the last six years. Goddamn that’s sad.

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    Unless the big 12 dissolves first, then maybe sooner than 2025
    Yep. Big 12 is dead. Teams will scatter to the PAC and BIG10. There will be some losers. Texas Tech may get ed.

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    Unless the big 12 dissolves first, then maybe sooner than 2025
    I think they're practically banking on the Big XII conference collapsing with that date. Big XII won't survive that long so there will be no exit fees unless Big XII tries to survive for the sole purpose of collecting those fees and then dissolving.

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