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    Any other cucks do this? Invite the bull over but then pull the ol bait and switch?

    Personally I've tried a few different scenarios. Have the bull come in the front door, thinking he has a free pass at my wife, but then come around and kick him in the balls and give him the chloroform rag (Cubby, Chuckbox style against DoK etc)...then I tie him to a chair at the foot of the bed while I use him as a human chair to plow my wife with my 10 inch schlong

    Another method is installing a trap door by the front door. Like above, the Bull comes in overconfident as usual but unfortunately for him he steps on a trap door where he plummets down to the basement into a chair. As soon as he lands, the bondage is summoned via Artificial Intelligence onto his wrists along with a ball gag in his mouth. The recording of "Wanna play a game?" by Jigsaw from the movie series Saw plays over and over to mind the Bull. The real torture begins shortly after that when I play a recording of Jason Garrett (The Bot) going 8-8 every year for 100 years straight, and then finally it concludes with tapes of me plowing my own wife in front of the bull.

    Just trying to generate a discussion amongst my fellow cucks. Any of you guys participate in this tactic?

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    sorry mark

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