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    Didn’t watch the video but the ones that come to mind are:

    ’91 Jordan
    ’09 Lebron
    ‘87 Magic
    ‘85 Larry Bird
    ‘94 Hakeem
    ’00 Shaq
    ’03 Timmy
    ’08 Kobe
    ’16 Steph

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    I was going to watch and maybe the vid is good but nah, he lost all my respect saying KG was better then TD and I just can't bring myself to value that opinion lol

    For Christ sakes yes KG was a damn good player but when did he ever dominate??

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    Preposterous. The video creator made a case that clearly favored Duncan, showing that his stats elevated more in the playoffs and his offense was more valuable. Then, out of nowhere, he goes "but I value defense more" and gives the edge to Garnett.

    He also said something like "neither of these guys can carry an offense by himself without a co-star." Bull . '03 Duncan carried on both ends, and there was no co-star on that team. Manu was a rookie, Parker was a sop re, and Robinson was on his last legs. Duncan averaged 24 ppg in the playoffs, and the next highest scorer was at 14 ppg.
    He's the best NBA Youtuber/podcaster by a country mile even though his argument for Garnett is ridiculous. I also knew that would be his conclusion from watching both Duncan, Garnett peak videos and listening to his Duncan vs. Garnett Thinking Basketball podcast episode.
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