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    There goes their le hopes.

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    Wow! He had a lapse in judgement during a moment of frustration in a completely meaningless game?

    Cold-blooded incidents like this are why the death penalty exists. This is up there with 9/11 and the Jason Terry nut punch tbh

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    It's like common law if nothing else. If you don't get the analogy, I'm not surprised.
    You're arguing the person, not the matter. It's sad; but I guess I kicked you're in so many times and you're that bitter.
    except it's not a rule at all, therefore it's up to the refs interpretation of the situation as to whether he had possession of it or not when he slapped the ball. based on loves manner and reaction, it was clear that the slap was fully his intent so the ref didn't blow it dead.

    nice try derp

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