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    In what ways does your bull make you edge/prepare your wife?
    Are you both not allowed to have sex/orgasm for a few days prior to his arrival? If so, how does it turn out? Does it make the experience a lot more intense and orgasmic for u both or does it not change anything?
    Our bull forces me to edge her for a week before his arrival. We both aren't allowed to until he comes. When he does arrive, he also makes me "prepare" her by making me give her oral and finger her so that he doesn't have to do any of that and can just focus on ing her brains out.
    He then locks me out of the bedroom for the weekend, while he s my wife to orgasm over and over again. Man the screams from her last session are still stuck in my head.
    Anyone else have similar experiences?

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    If you want an answer, ask derptacular’s dad.

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