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    If you have ring or an echo you're affected.

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    On a trip to Australia a couple years ago I talked at length to this lady from South Africa who worked in big data. Her company consulted organizations to find ways around privacy laws so they could advertise to you in a way that increased the likelihood of a purchase. This in turn increased the ad space revenue. One of the hurdles they were trying to get around was low bandwidth customers who couldn't be as effectively marketed to since they barely had enough connection to do the minimum stuff. I see these kinds of sharing intrusions as geared toward advertising and increasing site revenue instead of providing service for products. It might be sold to the public as a way for the consumer to have constant connection to the internet but the funding is because they have a constant connection to you. I don't necessarily see them spying on you yet, but the infrastructure is being set up to enable it if they wanted to.

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