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    What's in it for him?

    In part, his legacy as a president at A&M. Gates is a very smart man. Bowen's legacy at A&M is as the worst president in school history, in large part because he guttered Bonfire.

    That's on the simplistic side.

    On the political side, Bush 41 and Gov. Perry had a lot to do with Gates appointment (as well as certain Board of Regents members), and it was made clear to him that one of his tasks before he left was to bring back Bonfire.

    Gates was head of the CIA when 41 was in office, and there's a lot of politics and friendships there.

    So why would Gates want to bring it back?

    1. Politics
    2. Friendships
    3. He wouldn't be where he is if it weren't for #1 and #2, which are tied in part to the insistence he return Bonfire to campus
    4. Legacy at Texas A&M
    Well versed MoFo!

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    Went to the "AGGIE STUDENT BONFIRE" last Night. It was a controversial issue to have the bonfire since the University did not sanction it. Inability to block the event was realized as late as Friday night/Saturday afternoon. Here are a few observations from the event:

    1) Kind of reminded me how kids are when they start fires or charcoal grills in the Boy Scouts. Lots of fuel, an initial burn-off which appears impressive, then a smolderning sooty mess.

    2) The STACK was impressive, but I believe there were some engineering faux-pas that did not allow ignition
    More like a SMOKE-STACK, at best.

    3) I think there was so much concern over the fire and the county "burn ban" that the CO-SCI's must have ensured the sprinkler system was effectively installed and functional in the T.U. Frat House perched atop the stack.

    4) There are plenty of logs left for next year's "smolder" and for plywood production for future Hurricanes in the area.

    Should be an interesting week here in Aggieland as we all recover from our increased carboxyhemoglobin levels. I believe it was in preparation for the "MAROON OUT" on Friday. I guess someone figured "TShirts aren't good enough, so let's go for the skin too!"

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