Is this by far the most players have had children, parent(s), wives, gfs, be sitting with them before and after, also interviewed with them?

I thought it was fabulous.

With so many families breaking down, so many niggras* stepping out on their responsibilities to kids, way cool to see newly minted millionaires embrace their little and adult loved ones vs some rappa crappa looks at all da kash i jist gots noise. The draftee from Oregon went on to have a video shown of his kid and he stated that he now always thinks about how what he does will affect his son.

*Disclaimer i did not watch much at all of previous years. Is this a new 2021 thing? Can't imagine Silverstern Jr. was behind this.

*All races can do this so no need to preach or get butthurt. For quite a while it was rampant among AAs. I'm complimenting.