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    Are you talking about me?

    Draft night re #12 babyface:
    Yes, I was talking about you, Fabbs... but I was just kidding.

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    Sorta. The point of the post was that many of us were wrong about Primo. Then timvp posts some made up fest about something completely different. Then users flock in to blow him.

    It's just stupid.

    Yeah I woulda said the cycle for the last 5 years is What The is Wrong with PATFO and that's it.
    I hope you're right about Primo. But PATFO have given no reason to have faith at this point.
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    Spurs Draft Pick Life Cycle

    1. OMG! WTF! That was a terrible pick. Pop and all his minions need to be fired. There were so many better players on the board!
    2. Hmmm ... you know what, I actually kinda like the pick! <---- You Are Here
    3. I can't believe Pop isn't playing the pick! Pop is ruining the best young player on the roster! Like I said from the beginning, this pick is a special player.
    4. Wow. This player is so much better than everyone else in the rotation he's competing against.
    5. I'm so glad the Spurs drafted the player I wanted.
    6. Eh, he's pretty good but the new youngsters deserve his minutes now.
    7. OMG! WTF! Why won't Pop stop playing his pets? This guy sucks and always sucked. I don't even know why the Spurs drafted him.

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    All you posters off base FO blew this terribly no matter how spun. Even if kid pans out he could have been had later.

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    Didn't know who he was when drafted, but after watching some highlights and interviews, I think he's definitely someone who can add things the team needs. I am really excited to see him play. I am in.

    For the draft in general, that's an interesting topic that won't be sorted out from years. However I am excited by his add to the team for sure.

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    Sengun will be garbage in today's NBA. The only positive to the Primo pick is that he's not Sengun.

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