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    5 April 1963

    There’d been thoughts, visions before. He’d been able to keep them secret, suppress them, dismiss them, discount them and they’d even lessened, but, yet always had returned. And now keenly so. After Tracy had left their office for Brady’s executive floor he’d put his wife on the elevator going down then quickly ensconced himself in the men’s restroom. Mercifully he’d found it unoccupied. Visions of his wife and another man, this, this Englishman coupling together was filling his conscience to bursting. He washed his hands, then found the courage to lift his gaze into the reflection above the sink. “Jesus, what in the is wrong with you, boy? She’s your wife, the mother of your son.”

    He’d admonished himself before like this. This was not the first time. He dropped his eyes to the running water, then cupped his hands. The cold water clearing his mind, then the visions launched again. She’d undressed them both, first Rattigan, then herself. He watched from the kitchen thru the open shutters. She was perfect. Laura came into his arms as they stood in front of the davenport. Tracy’s fingertips immediately falling to his wife’s bottom cheeks, resting there close to the crevice as their lips met then parted. She guided Tracy’s head to her breasts as her eyes met her husbands then closed as Rattigan nursed. He gripped the kitchen sink tightly, the stainless steel wet and cold, then realized he was gripping the white porcelain of the sink in front of him.

    Chapter 1

    “Rob, Rob, hey, Rob.”
    “You okay, Rob?”
    “I’m fine, Buddy.”
    “You look like you’ve seen a ghost.” Buddy moved to the urinals.
    “Can you believe that Rattigan guy, Rob? What a character.”
    Rob watched in the mirror’s reflection as Buddy relieved himself.
    “Rob, a Jew and a gentile are pissing. The Jew says,,,, “
    “Buddy, not now. I have to get back.”
    “Wait up, I’ll walk back with you.”
    He had no choice but to wait. To do otherwise would be unwise. Buddy was already aware of what had transpired back in their office. Mel Cooley had sprung Tracy Rattigan on Rob and his co-writers out of the blue. Laura had made a special trip into the city for Friday luncheon with Rob. They’d dined at Sardi’s, Laura’s favorite and were looking forward to a weekend alone together. Their son Ritchie was departing later in the day for a Boy Scout Jamboree up state and would not be back until Sunday night.

    Upon returning to the office afterward they’d opened the door to find Rattigan holding court. He’d at once pounced upon Laura, introducing himself to her and Rob. Mel had already introduced him to Sally and Buddy. Rattigan’s reputation was legendary. ‘Racy’ was his nickname and well deserved. He enjoyed flirting, to him it was sport. He was one of the UK’s most eligible bachelors and had dated the world’s most beautiful women, some of whom were married.

    Laura had retreated at Tracy’s advances to Rob’s side. She grasped Rob’s hand. Rob found it warm and moist.
    “What a beautiful child you are, my dear.” Rattigan’s accent was not the least bit muddled, but, with a marked clarity that matched his blue eyes and sharp features.

    “Uh, uh, uh...” Laura’s voice was stifled and thick.

    “What do you think of Alan’s surprise, Rob? Tracy will be our special guest host on next week’s show.”

    Mel was beaming. Rob had forgotten about Alan taking a short vacation in Bermuda.

    “Uh, uh, uh...” Now it was Rob’s turn to bluster out a response.

    “Oh, we’ll have a fabulous time, Rob. You, Buddy, Sally and me. Though I’ll miss this charming creature. You’ll have me out to the house while I’m stateside, hey? New Roc e, is it?” He knew.

    “Of course.” Laura was decisive.

    “You have a standing invitation to my place, Tracy. It’s just me and my pussy ... well my cat, but, you’re most welcome.”

    Sally had moved across and was now at Tracy’s side.

    “I shall keep that invite close at hand, Sally dear, hey?”

    He was speaking to Sally, but, his eyes had not moved from Laura’s since the Petries had entered the office.

    “Tracy, Alan is expecting us back upstairs, we should go.” Mel had grabbed onto Rattigan’s suit coat and was making a move toward the open doorway.

    “Mel, why don’t you go and let Tracy stay. You could go over and spar with Cassius Clay. I hear he’s looking for a punching bag.” Buddy was in fine form.

    “Rob!” Mel beseeched him.

    “Buddy!” Rob was not in the mood. The gaze twixt Laura and Tracy had not broken.

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    Chapter 2

    For Rob it had started at Camp Crowder where Laura and Rob first met. She was working for the USO there while Rob served out his enlistment in the entertainment wing of the U.S. Army. They’d met one afternoon while Laura was practicing a dance routine in the camp theater. Laura was tall, slim and moved with such grace. Robert Petrie fell instantly in love with her. She took some convincing. There’d been resistance at the start and that resistance would never quite vanish. The “Bivouac Baby Contest” was where Rob’s pathology first surfaced. The winner of the contest was awarded a date with Camp Crowder’s--Bivouac Baby--Laura Meehan.

    A handsome fellow, a Sergeant from supply won the contest. Laura was hesitant to fulfill the date.

    “Rob, I won’t if you tell me not to.” She looked intently for his response.
    But, Rob did not want to forbid it. And though he disliked Sergeant Williams he desired the date to take place.
    “No, Laura, it wouldn’t be right for you to refuse.”
    “But, Rob.”
    “No, it will be okay.”
    “If you say so, darling.” Though she wanted to assure Rob that nothing untoward would occur during their Friday night date.
    “Nothing will happen, Rob, I promise.”

    But, the more Rob thought about the date the more he wanted something to occur. And he wanted to see it, to bear witness to it. He couldn’t explain it, but, it was real and it was strong. And it was undeniable.

    He did not query where the date would take place. All he knew was that Van Williams would pick Laura up Friday night at her apartment. Rob also knew he’d be there and he would follow them, and he’d watch.

    Chapter 3

    Friday night found Rob standing across the street from Laura’s apartment building next to an Army Jeep he’d borrowed from a buddy in the motor pool.
    Williams was prompt, even a little early, arriving in a late model Pontiac convertible/top down. Rob sank back into the darkness and peeled his eye.

    The couple came out a few minutes later, and they were hand-in-hand, she in a light blue summer dress that showed off her figure and long legs. He was in uniform.

    “What a ham.” Rob spat from the shadows.

    Laura scooted into the front seat past the wheel, but, stopped abruptly half way across. Rob’s heart raced as Laura held station-Williams settled in next to her. Instead of hitting the ignition the couple conversed for a while. Rob could hear Laura’s laughter cascading across the street.

    “If this is their first date Bing Crosby can’t sing.” Rob grunted.

    Soon the laughter stopped and kissing began. Rob clenched his teeth and his fists. And was torn between rushing across the street-announcing his presence and going back to the barracks, holing up in the latrine with his thoughts and the visions.

    ‘“Nothing will happen” my ass.’ Rob said to himself.

    “But you wanted this, didn’t you? Yes. Why? I have no earthly idea.”

    Williams started the Pontiac, hit reverse and cruised on down the street as Rob slammed himself against the wall of the closed Texaco station he was hiding next to.

    By the time Petrie scrambled into the Jeep it was too late. He’d missed his chance.

    On the drive back to the motor pool Rob imagined all manner of exploits, from parking in a secluded spot to taking a motel room for the night. There was a string of such motels in the exact direction they were headed to when last he spied their disappearing tail lights.

    “Go back and check it out.” Rob prompted himself.
    “Do it. You know you want to. You know you want to find them there.”
    “No.” Nonetheless he executed a perfect three-point turn and went back.

    He never told Laura that he’d found the Sergeant’s Pontiac at the Candy Cane Motel. It was parked in front of room nine. He left the Jeep a half mile up the road, then trekked back and took station across the road in a slightly elevated wooded area. He also never told Laura that he’d purchased a pair of binoculars from Sears and Roebucks that very afternoon.

    “Yes, sir, these are our most powerful model. You’ll be right on top of the action. It will be like you’re in the huddle.”

    Rob had told the salesman he needed the binoculars for watching football. Rob s ed out the $150.00 even though it left him flat broke.

    Fumbling with the binoculars in the dark woods caused Rob to curse himself for not trying them out earlier. Looking thru the powerful lenses caused his stomach to lurch, his chow hall dinner threatening to reverse course. Then the rear end of the Pontiac came into the viewfinder followed by door number nine. He shifted right and found the window. He also found a wedge of pale light twixt the drapes, the bed, a yard beyond.

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    Chapter 4

    The Sears and Roebucks sporting goods salesman was dead on. While not in a huddle, Rob Petrie was in room number nine and he was bedside.

    “Sir, this button here.” The salesman had pointed to a tiny button on the top of the binocular arch.

    “Depressing this button will enable you to get thirty times closer, but, just for a limited thirty second interval. Then it will take the internal power structure an additional thirty seconds to recover before you can utilize it again. It is this feature that enable these glasses, the Model 30-30 to out perform every other, whether it’s Monkey Wards, or, the trash at J.C. Penny. Trust me. Go ahead, sir, try it.”

    Rob had declined. He was on his lunch break and needed to get back and a bit ashamed of himself knowing the true intent of his purchase. Plus Rob was just relieved they actually had a set in stock.

    In the dark Rob searched-found-depressed the button. “Oh-my-God.”

    Rob, for the second time in his life sighted Miss Meehan in panties, though this time they were half way down and rested just above her knees. The first time was in Laura’s apartment when the girl had tried to seduce him. He’d flat out refused.

    “Not till were married, Laura.” It was his mid west upbringing. She’d cried-then fled, Rob ineffectually averted his eyes as her incredibly round, white pantied bottom disappeared back into her bedroom.

    Laura was in William’s arms on the far side of the bed. The requisite thirty second recharge took place-Rob depressed the button.

    “Oh-my-God.” The panties were gone, as Williams busied himself removing her bra, Laura’s diminutive breasts released were immediately crushed by the bountiful chest hair of Williams.

    Even without the booster the line of sight was incredible. He’d wanted to see Laura nude and now his want had been sated. He’d also wanted to see Laura kiss Van and now this want was being sated. Another thirty seconds in the books and Rob hit the booster.

    “Oh-my-God.” Their mouths were fused.

    “If this is their first date I’m a monkey’s ass.” It was then that the booster expired and Miss Meehan dropped to her knees. Both were bare-chested. But, only Laura was nude. Rob watched as Laura unbuckled Van’s khaki’s, took them down and off.

    “What kind of soldier doesn’t wear underwear?” Rob queried the darkness.

    Williams was long and incredibly stiff. Rob backtracked up the incline ten yards to get a better view and it worked splendidly.

    “If this is the first penis she has sucked I’m going to do the Dutch.” Once again Rob spoke to the darkness.

    Rob watched in near abject horror as Laura Petrie, nee Meehan, his future wife and mother of his children made love to Van Williams. He didn’t bother to hit the booster button again. Just watched the act of fellatio take place, a gentle, but, insistent bob to her ministration. Williams held stock still as she worked not only his penis, but, his scrotum in turn.
    Rob had never been more miserable, nor sexually charged.

    “Please do not go further.” He beseeched the couple from the dark, wooded hillside.
    They went further. Van lifted Laura from her knees and back to his chest where they resumed kissing
    “What kind of man kisses a woman after she’s sucked his penis?”
    “Van Williams, that’s who.”
    “I know.”

    Williams scooped Laura up in his arms then set her gently upon the bed, lengthwise.

    “You’ll have go higher to keep the advantage.” Rob exclaimed.
    “I know, I’m going, I’m going.” This time the climb was higher and steeper, but, the reward commensurate.
    “The button, press the button, you fool.” Rob obeyed himself.
    “They’re fornicating!” Rob turned and cried back up the hill. His indictment returning thru the pines via echo.
    “Shush!” Rob admonished himself.
    “You could have that if you wanted it.” Rob castigated himself.
    “I’m better than that. A darn sight better.” Rob castigated himself.
    First one, then after a short shrift a second ankle of Laura’s was cast over Van’s shoulders.
    “This, is not the first time. No way, Jose’.”

    Van was pounding his intended and Rob found the spectacle both abhorrent and absolutely mesmerizing. And as close as he was to the fornicating couple without the button’s activation he was that much closer to them with it. So began a precise count on that hillside. Van slowed, stopped and arranged Laura in a different position. This one with her facing the hillside and her intended. Williams mounted her from the rear as Laura then hung her head and took the fierce copulating. Rob started a fresh counting sequence, just after the ninth button push Williams threw his head back, his body coming to a screeching halt.

    “Oh-my-God, he’s inseminating Laura. Oh-my-God.” Rob dropped the binoculars and joined them on the cold, hard ground.

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    Chapter 5

    Rob was torn between dropping his own khakis, flogging his log, picking up the binoculars, returning them to Sears and Roebucks and tearing down the hill, and busting in the door of room nine so he could get the very best view of the couple’s post coitus afterglow. He did not have the guts, nor the shoulder for the last option, nor the sales receipt for the center option, so, he accomplished the charter option and put his seed onto the earth, visions of Van and Laura|Laura and Van rampaging thru his brain as his hand worked it’s magic.

    Mission accomplished and half way down the hill Rob reconsidered and climbed back up to retrieve the binoculars.

    “Don’t look.” Rob defied himself and looked. The bed was empty, the Pontiac as before.

    “Go back to Camp.” Rob obeyed himself, made the half-mile trek (thru the woods just in case they left in the interim and found him walking on the side of the road) to his Jeep and returned to the barracks.

    As he laid in his bunk replaying the night’s itinerary he was sure of one thing, he loved Laura more than he thought his heart was capable of. His greatest fear was that she would break off their more or less engagement and become Williams property. He’d proposed to Laura, but, she had hesitated, wouldn’t even commit to a timetable for her decision. He’d had no choice but to wait.

    “Petrie!” A loud shout. “Phone call, it’s Laura.”

    ‘ .’ Rob, rail thin, in his GI issue skives, nearly ran for the day room.


    “Hi, Rob. Well, I’m back. Van just dropped me off at my apartment.”

    Much to Rob’s chagrin his olive drab boxers threatened to tent. “Laura?”

    “Yes, darling, it’s me.”

    “What happened, Laura?” Rob sounded informed.

    “Nothing, darling, we just bowled a few lines at the bowling alley, then had a cheeseburger at “Wally’s” out at the highway cutoff.”

    “Liar.” To-him-self.

    “Did he kiss you?”

    “Of course not.”

    “An accomplished lying .” To-him-self.

    He faced the wall, his blood racing to his penis.

    “Did you make another date with him?”

    “Please say yes.” To-him-self.

    “Of course not, darling. Tonight wasn’t really even a date. It was a directive from the USO, right, sweetheart?”

    He thought immediately of his mother, nude, it was the only way to waylay his imminent tumescence. Thank heavens it worked.

    “You’re right, Laura. I worried over nothing.” Rob couldn’t believe his own voice.

    “Rob?” The voice of an angel.

    “What, Laura?” His most flaccid tone.

    “Yes.” Her most loving tone and one he’d never heard before.

    “Yes’ what?”

    He couldn’t have cared less. He wanted to visit the latrine, lock the wooden door to the stall and flog his log till there was no more.

    “Yes, Rob, yes, I will marry you, darling. I love you, Rob. Yes.”

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    Chapter 6

    A week later in front of a small gathering at the Camp Chapel the couple exchanged vows. They had little money for a real honeymoon, so they decided to honeymoon close to Camp Crowder.

    “Rob, how about one of those cute little motels by the highway? You know where I’m talking about, darling?”

    He knew. “Sure, that would be economical. I’ll make the reservation.”

    “No, darling, let me.” Laura had interrupted him, a dictate to her tone.

    “It will be my wedding gift to you, Rob. I’ll handle everything.”

    Saturday evening, after a small, informal wedding reception at the NCO club she drove them to their honeymoon destination, the Candy Cane Motel.

    “Surprise! This place is so cute from the road. Now I’ll finally get to see it from the inside.” Rob plastered a pleasant countenance to himself and returned her excitement.
    “The Candy Cane Motel, eh?”

    “Rob, he said that room number nine is the cleanest and has the only color television of all the motels in the area.”

    She’d made him wait outside in her pink over white Metropolitan while Laura claimed the reservation and checked them in.

    “Why can’t I come in?” He’d queried.

    “Darling, do you trust me?” She’d queried, her white teeth gleaming.

    “Yes.” Tight-lipped and flat-eared Rob lied.

    He watched as she engaged the desk clerk in deep conversation. Several minutes later Laura emerged all smiles waving the room key at him. Rob didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. But, one thing for certain: he too wanted “to finally get to see it from the inside.”

    There were two double beds. The drapes had not been touched, the sliver of space still in evidence. It was surreal standing inside the room when a week earlier he’d been across the road, tall and thin among the pines.

    Laura had been impressed when Rob scooped her up and carried her across the threshold of room nine. ‘

    “Make sure you carry her to bed like Van did. Will do.” To-him-self.

    “Thank you, darling.” She’d blushed as Rob’s hands held her closely, securely and with a certain animalistic intent.

    “Rob, why don’t you open the champagne and let it breath while I take a warm bath. Please, darling. I won’t be long, sweetheart, I promise.”

    She took her small overnight bag into the bathroom and closed the door. He waited for her to engage the lock and was disappointed when she did.

    He’d no sooner heard the bathtub begin to fill when she called to him: “Rob, darling, we’ll use the bed closest to the window.”

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    Chapter 7

    Rob quickly confirmed that he could not have been detected on the hillside. Satisfied he opened the champagne and then donned his light blue cotton pajamas. He’d brought along his transistor radio and dialed thru the stations, Patti Page suggesting “Changing Partners” came in clear as a bell. Rob quickly turned the tuning dial. “Answer Me My Love” demanded Nat King Cole. Rob quickly turned the tuning dial. Doris Day confessed to having a “Secret Love.” Rob quickly turned the tuning dial and the on-off switch consecutively.

    Rob sat down heavily upon the bed. “If she doesn’t know or suspect why in the name of God did she pick this motel, this room and this bed?” Their bed offered nary answer.

    “I’ll tell you why, she wants to relive the affair with you. She wants to compare and contrast the two of us.”

    “Give her what she wants, Rob.”

    “But, I’ve never done any of this.”

    “You’ve seen exactly how it’s done though, haven’t you?”

    “Yes. Of course I have, you were there.”

    “Can you do it? Play her game, give her exactly what she wants, what she desires. She chose you. There must be a good reason.”

    “I know, but, I can’t ask her that reason.”

    “I know, you have to believe in yourself as being the reason. Now give it to her like she got it a week ago in that exact same bed.”

    Rob leaned forward and with the flat of both hands pressed down on their bed. The springs were loosey and they were goosey.

    “Beat him, not once, but, twice in the same day.”


    “I’m thinking, I just don’t know if I can do it.”

    “Rob? Do what, Rob?” It was Laura, she’d emerged from the bathroom and she’d emerged as a goddess in white.

    A pure white negligee, they’d seen it on the mannequin at the J.C. Penny. 100% rayon, he’d marveled at the feel of the materiel.
    “Oh, Rob. I could never wear that.” She led him quickly away from the floor display.

    But, Laura had donned it and she looked like an absolute angel. She’d brushed out her brown hair and it rested on the countless ruffles of her gown.

    “I’ll do it!” To-him-self.

    And he did. Robert Petrie gave it to Laura Petrie as she’d gotten it a week earlier. The itinerary wasn’t a mirror image, but each act was recreated in kind. Rob didn’t have hair on chest, no, his chest was as smooth as baby’s bottom. But, Rob was extremely stiff and adequately long to bring rapture to his bride. Laurie Petrie, nee Meehan took the sanctified intercourse in the spirit that it was intended. In a loving display of male supremacy Rob bent Laura over not their bed, but, their bed and Laura never said one word about her dictate being disavowed.

    The couple whispered long into the night, of promises and vows not spoken in the chapel, but, confirmed now. Laura dedicated herself to Rob and Rob met her on the square.

    As Laura slept, Rob watched over her, reliving their wedding night coupling and the coupling that took place in the bed yonder a week past. As sleep closed in Robert Petrie made his peace with Laura, with Van and finally as dawn launched with God.

    Nine months to the day of their wedding-minus a week-Laura gave birth to Richard R. Petrie.

    “He’s a preemie, Rob!”

    -The End-

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