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    Barkley's accuser wants an apology


    All she wants is a phone call and an apology.

    The 26-year-old woman who alleged that former Sixer Charles Barkley groped her breast at a Daily News "Sexy Singles" party says she will withdraw her police complaint.

    All Barkley has to do is say he's sorry.

    "She just wants it to be done with," said A. Charles Peruto Jr., the high-profile lawyer who represents the woman. The Daily News is withholding her name because of the nature of the allegation.

    Peruto said his client did not want to file a criminal or civil case against Barkley but will testify "if she is subpoenaed" by authorities.

    Police said it now was up to the district attorney's office to decide whether to file charges against the former NBA star.

    "They never called us about it," a police investigator said yesterday about the woman's offer to withdraw the complaint.

    Peruto said he was waiting for Barkley's apology before calling authorities to withdraw the complaint.

    Police have not spoken to Barkley yet. Contacted yesterday by the Daily News, Barkley declined comment. Efforts to reach the woman for comment were unsuccessful.

    The woman, who sources said is a dancer at a downtown gentlemen's club, did not realize her complaint against Barkley would attract national media attention and feels she would have to forfeit her privacy to proceed with the allegation.

    "It was a two-second incident," Peruto said. "It is not a big deal."

    Peruto said she contacted him after the Sexy Singles party because he represented her before in an auto-accident case.

    The woman was one of hundreds of party-goers at the Daily News' 2nd annual Sexy Singles soiree at 32 on 2nd Street near Market Thursday night.

    At 1:20 a.m. the following morning, police said the woman called to report that Barkley had told her that she and her breasts were "very beautiful, then reached out and touched one.

    "She was very upset" immediately following the alleged grope, but has since calmed down, Peruto said.

    "I feel bad for Charles," said Peruto, who is an acquittance of his. Barkley is now a sports commentator on TNT.

    Peruto, who belongs to the same gym as Barley, added:

    It is "killing him."

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    So she's a dancer at a "gentleman's club" and Barkley gave her a compliment and a tap and now he's in trouble?

    Shiii-i-i-i-it ... how is this even news?

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    It's news because she got lawyered up and if he apologises (admits guilt) she will probably file a civil suit to get some cash.

    But you're right, this is ridiculous. I must be very old, I have never heard of a 'sexy singles party'.

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    Woman who accused Barkley withdraws
    9/2/2004, 12:34 p.m. CT
    The Associated Press

    PHILADELPHIA (AP) The woman who accused Charles Barkley of groping her at a nightclub withdrew her police complaint.

    "It's a noncase. It's over with," her lawyer, A. Charles Peruto Jr., said Thursday, adding "everyone is under agreement that this was just a big misunderstanding."

    The woman had told police the former NBA star inappropriately touched her breast last week in a crowded nightclub. Police were investigating and the woman hired Peruto, but then she had second thoughts about pursuing the matter. Philadelphia police would not comment on the case.

    On Wednesday, Peruto said she was willing to drop any complaints, civil or criminal, as long as Barkley apologized. Peruto declined to say Thursday whether that happened, but said both sides were satisfied the issue was resolved. No money changed hands, he said.

    "She's had time to reflect, and we just want to close this chapter," he said, adding he believed Barkley didn't intend to treat the woman disrespectfully. "I've known him for 20 years, and to be honest with you, I've always found him to be an honorable guy."

    Barkley, who played for the 76ers, was a nine-time All-Star and the league's MVP in 1993. He has been an analyst with cable network TNT since his retirement in 2000.

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    I would be willing to bet that money did, in fact change hands as a result of this incident.

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    baseline bum
    Of course it did... I'm sure he tipped her $1 before he groped her.

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    I wonder what her breast size are:eyebrow

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