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    The real interest from a football perspective is how so many healthy West Coast teams will compete in a geographically separated conference. Same for the current Big 10 teams. Imo the networks, FOX, CBS took a bit of a money risk here. The networks really helped call the shots for the Big 10 on this realignment.

    The UT and OU to the SEC was more reasonable as it is clearly about money. Playing Baylor, TCU, T Tech, Houston to much smaller crowds and less interest is a no brainer. The in State interest was large but had little National draw. Texas has too many power 5 teams. Especially considering how popular OU is with the more Northern parts of Texas and the middle of the country, ex Missouri.

    College football has never been a fair fight from a compe ion point of view. There is no draft. Alumni socioeconomic status and sheer number rules in the money game. Its semi pro football played purposely unevenly, just like soccer. You got money and history, you got more of a chance to win. Occasionally teams like Oregon and Oklahoma st. will make forays into the blue blood line with billionaire alumni. Much of the attraction was actually generated by David slaying Goliath on occasion. Texas Tech slaying ATM on a fairly consistent basis in the Big 12. Iowa St and TCU hammering UT.

    The other sports is what I pity. They get driven into awkward conferences. Sports like wrestling and baseball have a very regional flair. UT does not have wrestling. USC does not have wrestling. I dont recall Wisconsin being known for its fine baseball teams edit (they dont have a baseball team anymore). Really awkward stuff for the other sports. just a few ex in the aforementioned.

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