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    all sports evolve and trend towards whatever sells tickets. at the moment, the splash brothers brand of ball is the flavor of the day. some teams play it well and others do not. for coaches about pop, i don't think it's necessarily a problem with the three point shot in of itself as much as it is the trend towards jacking up threes at the expense of a better pass or ball movement. there's a big difference between watching a team like the warriors and the rockets.

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    they were rare because the talent pool from top to bottom wasn’t great
    that is bull . More people played basketball and it was harder to actually get in the league decades ago. It's 30 teams now. The saem applies to high school basketball. In my area, there would be 12 jerseys for a team and about 8 of them were already reserved for the previous year's team(the football players). That meant the remaining 45-50 players in practice were competing for 4 jereys hahaha. Today, they have trouble getting people to try out for the team.There were so many people that wanted to play ball that the 9th grade team had about 20 members along with the JV squad having about 16 and the top on varsity. They don't even have 9th grade teams anymore and some schools don't have enough players to fill out a JV squad. So back then, we all played ball. I can't even ride thru the city and find one game being played outside on any court .

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