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    This was the first year since 2019 that E3 was supposed to happen at a brick-and-mortar venue with in-person attendance. Perhaps not surprisingly, itís been canceled. Do you think that E3 will survive?

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    E3 has been dead for me ever since Sony left it years ago. Playstation was the whole reason to watch E3 because they were the only ones who did live gameplay. Hated Microsoft's trailers the worst, they'd show a long cutscene and then five seconds of gameplay flash to next scene of two seconds of gameplay flash to next scene of 3 seconds of gameplay flash to cutscene and so on. E3 2016 was the whole reason I ever bought into the Playstation ecosystem though. Never cared much about it until seeing that opening level of God of War followed by how impressive the gameplay of Horizon Zero Dawn followed by them playing through a level of Days Gone where you're just mowing through a hundred zombies at once. Those three segments of E3 2016 immediately convinced me I'd be buying a PS4 that year and as soon as the big December price cuts came I grabbed one.

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