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    Hey Yogi
    Was it them again
    Itís always them Boo Boo
    Itís always them

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    Hey Yogi
    Was it them again
    It’s always them Boo Boo
    It’s always them
    So the "them" is the Cossacks and Bandidos in Waco?

    At the scene, after the smoke cleared, Daniel Raymond “Diesel” Boyett, 44, a Cossack, Wayne Lee “Sidetrack” Campbell, 43, a Cossack, Richard Matthew “Chain” Jordan, III, 31, a Cossack, Richard Vincent “Bear” Kirschner, Jr., 47, a Cossack, Jacob Lee Rhyne, 39, a Cossack, Jesus Delgado Rodriguez, 65, who was not affiliated with a group, Charles Wayne “Dog” Russell, 46, a Cossack, Manuel Issac Rodriguez, 40, a Bandido, and Matthew Mark Smith, 27, a Scimitar, lay dead.

    Good to know

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    u ok, chico?

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    This is what occurs when you lose to Qatar. The Mexican NT should apologize and shoulder responsibility. Mexican fans fighting each other, showing more heart than the players on the field.


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