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    If you get the 1st two challenges correct, you can have a 3rd challenge. Oh thanks. Can i get a cookie with my 2 correct choices also?
    WTF limit it to only 1 more? The refs are the ones that missed the 1st 2.
    Make that three if they also F'd up the 3rd call.

    2. You can only challenge a call if you have a timeout. Meh i kind of get this one, you can't be scamming a timeout via a bogus challenge. But what if your challenge is correct? Add some penalizing juice to a challenge proven wrong. That will stop bogus challenges.

    Got to be a better system.

    KC getting royally F'd on the Green Bay pass interference. And i was pulling for GB 100.

    Now tonight when backup QB Bethard throws the 40 yarder to give the Jags 1st and goal. Nope, holding. Well the "hold" sure as looked like it was just the defender doing a Manu Ginobili flop. I was pulling for Bengals.

    WTH should not the Jags be able to challenge? As far as relying on the end of game NY television krew, too often a bunch of paid off numb nutts as we have seen.

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    GB got rawdogged on the hit on the golden boy that was legit and the chick ref stopped the clock on a clear in bounds tackle


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