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    we did it

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    Erryday I'm Hustlin' Robz4000's Avatar
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    now hopefully the Bucs can put the Eagles out of their misery

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    Allenhu Joshbar DeadlyDynasty's Avatar
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    Lol that tackling. Eagles still actively quitting

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    Plenty of room on the Green Bay Packers bandwagon

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    faggy opinion + certainty Mark Celibate's Avatar
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    sons, hearing Gayson Garrett do color commentary on a 3 hour game is rough.
    sons, good thing I missed that game....would've broken my 2024 NoFap streak tbh

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    Erryday I'm Hustlin' Robz4000's Avatar
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    ಥ﹏ಥ DAF86's Avatar
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    Oficially Baker > Brady.

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    Gorilla Warfare KoolAid Mans Brother's Avatar
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    NFC East

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    The Crominator J.T.'s Avatar
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    I like Browns, Dolphins, Bills, Cowboys, Lions and Eagles to advance, although would not be surprised if Chiefs or Rams win.

    Bucs could spoil it for Philly if they continue their free fall but idk how that game will play out tbh. Gut just says Philly.
    Oof. 2-4 on the week. Could have easily been 1-5 with the Rams barely losing too. Everyone at home won but Dallas 🤣

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    notthewordsofonewhokneels Thread's Avatar
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    You did do it. I watched it all hoping that LA would prevail. I hate to see teams get off a snide when MSM wants it that-a-way. Mother ers. Nothing against Detroit...if for nothing else there old AM radio station CKLW reached across Lake Erie to Cleveland every day where they battled with WIXY. Such wonderful days.

    And LA came hard for it and was successfully rebuffed the old fashioned way. It was a grand NFL came there, a close throwback to how it used to be, how it is now, and how players are making the adjustments to be able to play brutal defense to opponents that is commanded now. No frustrated hits to penalty. No. The hits were clean, as close to a penalty as one can get, but a clear, clean play each time upon replay. Sometimes that day I stood up and watched as a-tip-o-the-tam to that Detroit defense for those vicious, legal hits.

    It was a good day...and any ing time you get within' eyeshot of Detroit you reminisces about those electric blue opening credits to -True Romance- it remained Tarantino's finest hour until he squared Manson's animals with the house so many years later -Once Upon a Time in Hollywood-

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