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    Tre definitely improved since starting. He's at least making open 3s. Still a low level starter but he brings competency and reliability for a team that often lacks both. Also, he doesn't get in the way of Wemby unlike Devin at times.
    yea true...I think vassell needs to go....Think he tries to hard to prove hes a star player lol

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    Final tangent on Devin: I definitely think he has improved, but the front office went way too fast with this big contract. Who are they competing with to sign him? Devin thinks he's the number two option on the team. That will just cause more tension for him to let go of that for us to be a better team in the future when we get more talent. Hilarious that the slow moving FO went too fast. It shows they got too excited after getting Wemby and yes, thought Jeremy could play point guard. I think reality has set in and should be better moving forward now. We'll see.

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