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    Aggie Hoopsfan
    The radicals ask nothing of us except our extinction. They despise America less for our policies than for our traditions, less for what we do than for who we are, since we are, in effect, the cultural, intellectual and military vanguard of jahiliyya.

    I know this will probably be lost on some of you Bush haters, but I figured it was worth a shot, maybe someone will get something out of it.

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    as long as you remember that the article is talking about radical islam, i have no problem with most of it.

    however, the conclusion i disagree with strongly.

    Itís essential not to misunderstand how we wound up here. The war on terror is not the result of George Bushís response to September 11th, 2001. Itís not the result of Bill Clintonís decision not to assassinate Osama bin Laden, or his decision to pull out of Somalia after the Mogadishu massacre. Itís not the result of George Bush Sr.ís leaving Saddam in power following the first Gulf War. Or Ronald Reaganís withdrawal of marines from Lebanon when their barracks were bombed. Or Jimmy Carterís dithering during the Iranian hostage crisis. Itís not even the result of Americaís steadfast support for a Jewish state in the heart of the Islamic East.
    i think everyone of those issues has an effect on terrorism. and while none may be the root cause, to summarily dismiss them is ludacris. we need to start realizing that our actions have reactions that can be either positive and negative, and start learning from our mistakes, not simply forgetting about them with a misplaced 'oh well'.

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    Hook Dem
    Manny....check the news this morning. Yassar Arafat is admiting that his regime has made some mistakes but would not get specific as to what mistakes were made.

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    arrafat has made nothing but mistakes, he is s .

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    Hook Dem
    Well, at least we agree on something.

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    if you would actually read my opinions i post you would have realized that view by now. it's not as though i've been hidding that one.

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    Joe Chalupa
    Arafat is an idiot and must go.

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