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    Suns to learn Thursday if Q's their man

    By Mike Tulumello, Tribune

    The Suns will find out today whether they've landed Quentin Richardson on the free-agent market.
    Two weeks ago, the Suns made the high-scoring off guard an offer somewhere in the range of $45 million over six years.

    The Los Angeles Clippers, Richardson's team the past four years, have the right to match the offer.

    Speculation around the league is that the Clippers will match and retain Richardson. Though the Clippers aren't saying, and the Suns say they have no way of knowing what will happen, the words used by club president Bryan Colangelo indicate the Suns are preparing for the Clippers to match.

    "If we're not adding Quentin Richardson, it's not something altogether bad," he said, pointing out the Suns will have plenty of options.

    At the same time, the Clippers have been exploring their own options and might continue to do so for much of today. One possibility going around the NBA grapevine — they might want to acquire Kerry Kittles, the New Jersey guard who is entering the final year of his contract. That would allow them to drop Richardson, who averaged 17.2 points on 40 percent shooting last season.

    The Suns are believed to have front-loaded the offer to discourage the Clippers from matching. They can put 25 percent of the entire contract in a signing bonus. And they can pay him 70 percent of the first year's salary on the day they sign him.

    In response, the Clippers have taken their time deciding whether to match. That has tied up the Suns' ability to maneuver.

    While they've waited for an answer from the Clippers, such free agent big men as Mehmet Okur (Jazz), Greg Ostertag (Kings) and Vlade Divac (Lakers) have signed with other teams.

    If they can't get Richardson, they're expected to try to use some of the money they would have spent on him on a big man. They could make a trade before the season starts, or they could wait until the season begins and look for deals then.

    Or they could leverage a trade for draft picks by using their salary-cap space. That's what Utah did when it picked up two first-round picks from the Suns, who were eager to get rid of Tom Gugliotta's contract in mid-season.

    The Jazz were able to do so because they were under the salary cap.

    "Having cap space is a great commodity," Colangelo said.

    As for Richardson, he said, "We felt he was the best player available."

    Colangelo indicated the Suns didn't want to get in a bidding war for big men with so-so resumés. Those bidding wars resulted in huge contracts for a number of those players.

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    Decision due today on Richardson
    The Clippers must either match the six-year, $42 million offer sheet or let the guard go to Phoenix.

    The Orange County Register

    LOS ANGELES – Coach Mike Dunleavy said the Clippers plan to match the Phoenix Suns' six-year, $42 million offer sheet to guard Quentin Richardson.

    But Dunleavy said late Tuesday night that plan could change.

    "Obviously, tomorrow night will be it," Richardson said. "I'm still hoping that they don't match and that I'll get to go to Phoenix. I love the way the situation would be for me there."

    New Jersey has been trying to trade guard Kerry Kittles and has had talks with the Clippers. The Nets reportedly offered Kittles to the Clippers for swingman Bobby Simmons and a future draft pick. The Clippers turned down that. Kittles, 30, averaged 13.1 points and four rebounds this past season.

    "I heard that they were talking to New Jersey and if that trade took place, then I'd be able to go to Phoenix," Richardson said. "But I still don't know anything."

    Dunleavy said the Clippers are working on ways to restock their roster. Currently, just seven players are under contract. Free agent forward Samaki Walker worked out Tuesday. Walker and Zeljko Rebraca are the only veteran free agents the Clippers have worked out.It is expected the Clippers will sign at least two players from their summer-league team, one being guard Quinton Ross.

    Kittles is in the final year of his contract and is scheduled to make $10,266,667 in the 2004-05 season.

    The Clippers could decide to not match the Suns offer sheet on Richardson, take on Kittles for one season, then jettison him next summer, which would provide salary-cap room for a run at next summer's free agents. Because they are under the salary cap, the Clippers could seal the deal by sending the Nets one or two future draft

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    Tommy Duncan
    That new contract could not have come at a better time for Mr. Richardson...

    Report: Brandy, Quentin Richardson Engaged

    NEW YORK - Singer-actress Brandy is engaged to basketball player Quentin Richardson, People magazine reported Thursday.

    According to People, Richardson, 24, surprised Brandy, 25, with an 11 1/2-carat diamond ring valued at $1 million and designed by jeweler Jason Arasheben at a reception Tuesday at Los Angeles' Century Club.

    "It was a total surprise for her," Arasheben told People.

    The former "Moesha" star and the Los Angeles Clippers' guard were surrounded by their families, close friends and rose petals during the reception.

    The proposal came at time when the "Talk About Our Love" singer's last relationship has been talked about in the media.

    Music producer Robert Smith said recently the two had never been wed, as Brandy had claimed. Smith said their supposed marriage was a ruse to protect Brandy's image, who was then pregnant with their daughter, Sy'rai.

    Brandy then released a statement that read: "I am deeply hurt and shocked by the things that Robert has been saying. We had a spiritual union and true commitment to each other, and we still share a common bond through our daughter, Sy'rai."

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    its a hard desicion though

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    LittleGenerals is drunk.
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