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    Spygate isn't over because a bitter old Eagles fan thinks Congress needs to waste their time finding out if his beloved ty little team got cheated out of a Super Bowl. I guess he missed the part where Donovan McNabb dry-heaved those chances away.

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    Why did the pats cheat?

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    But there was one man, a mutual friend of Specter and Patriots owner Robert Kraft, who believed that he could make the investigation go away. He was a famous businessman and reality television star who routinely threw money at politicians to try to curry favor, whether it worked or not. He had been a generous political patron of Specter's for two decades.

    One day in early 2008, Specter had dinner with the man in Palm Beach at his palatial club, not far from Kraft's Florida home. A phone call followed. The friend offered Specter what the senator felt was tantamount to a bribe: "If you laid off the Patriots, there'd be a lot of money in Palm Beach."

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    of course Kraft and Trump deny it

    Not only that: Trump had told Specter he was acting on behalf of Robert Kraft.

    Kraft and Trump, both responding to ESPN through spokesmen, denied involvement in any effort to influence Specter's investigation.

    "This is completely false," said Jason Miller, a senior adviser to Trump. "We have no idea what you're talking about." Miller declined to answer a series of follow-up questions. A Patriots spokesman said Kraft "never asked Donald Trump to talk to Arlen Specter on his behalf."

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    Trump covered up Spygate?

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    Birds of a feather...

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