Gregg Popovich Retirement Rumors Resume

For years now, San Antonio Spurs fans and pundits have wondered whether it will be the last for Coach Gregg Popovich. Naturally, with the Spurs done for the season, there is a lot of chatter right now about whether he will be retiring and who might replace him. Let’s take a look at some of the latest Gregg Popovich retirement rumors.

The Latest Gregg Popovich Retirement Rumors

Recently, Sean Elliot said, “I feel like this team made Pop feel younger. They have his juices flowing. He’s been super excited to coach them. Outside the championship years, I’m willing to bet he’s had the most fun with this group but I don’t know if that’s enough right now. I really don’t.”

This statement has ignited a lot of fresh rumors. Responding to recent questions about whether or not he would retire, Pop merely replied, “That question is inappropriate.”

Who Might Replace Gregg Popovich?

While pundits have tossed around many names over the years as potential replacements for Popovich, most recent rumors have involved Utah Jazz head coach Quin Snyder. But even NBA reporter Marc Stein, who reportedly originated this rumor, thinks Pop will stay with the Spurs next season.

While Quin Snyder is the favored candidate at this time, other rumoured replacement possibilities have included Manu Ginobili, Bill Self and Jacque Vaughn. For a long time, Becky Hammon seemed like the obvious choice, but she is now head coach for the Las Vegas Aces.

Just a few weeks ago, Pop set the record for the most regular season wins by a head coach. Nevertheless, there are still more challenges he could overcome and more achievements he could add to his lengthy list. Plus, the Spurs did not win the season. In the past, Pop stated he wants his replacement to take over for a winning team. So, there is still more for Pop to do if he wants to stick around.

Right now, most fans seem to expect that Pop will coach another season—or at the very least, stay in the front office. And while we are anxious to find out what will happen next, nobody is in a rush to get such a legendary and beloved coach out the door. It is pretty hard to imagine the Spurs without Pop. Whoever does eventually replace him will have the monumental task of filling some of the biggest shoes in the NBA.