Jeremy Sochan Addresses Comments About Russell Westbrook

You might have recently seen a video featuring San Antonio Spurs rookies Jeremy Sochan and Malaki Branham during the summer league. In the video, the two were playing a game involving word associations. Branham had a phrase in mind, and Sochan needed to figure out what it was. Branham’s secret phrase was “triple-double.” Branham hinted, “Russell Westbrook get ‘em a lot,” and Sochan replied “bricks.”

If you follow the Los Angeles Lakers, you know that this word has been used to make fun of Westbrook this year, even to the point of people calling him “Westbrick.” So, it was not cool of Sochan to poke at Westbrook’s sore spot. Thankfully, Sochan has followed up on his “bricks” comment.

What Jeremy Sochan Said About the Russell Westbrook “Bricks” Comment   

Westbrook has not been amused by any of the “brick” mockery he has received. Indeed, he has stated that those who are engaging in it are “shaming my name, my legacy for my kids.”

If you are not familiar with the “Westbrick” name, it is a reference to the difficulties Westbrook had during 2021-22 with shooting and scoring. Those difficulties have been very real. But that does not mean it is okay to call him a name he feels is disrespectful.

Lately, there has been some talk about a trade involving the Lakers and the Spurs. LA’s ultimate goal would be to obtain point guard Kyrie Irving from the Brooklyn Nets. Needless to say, the details are complicated, but the Lakers would need to involve the Spurs to make it happen.

As we explained here, renting out cap space is logical for the Spurs right now as means to acquiring draft capital.  The possible result could be that Westbrook might end up with the Spurs. In return, the Spurs hope to get an unprotected first round pick from the Lakers. If the Spurs do pick up Westbrook, that could make for some potential awkwardness between him and Sochan (if Westbrook were not to be bought out by the Spurs).

Sochan swiftly realized that he made a mistake while he was playing the word association game. He made the following tweet to try to clarify his intentions and his overall feelings regarding Westbrook:

Jeremy makes it plain that he is actually a fan of Russell Westbrook, even to the point of naming his dog “Russell.”

Given his swift response on the issue, it does seem like this was a sincere mistake from a young person who was just not thinking. His joke was likely intended only in fun. It seems he did not realize that Westbrook has been very hurt by the “brick” references.

Regardless, if Westbrook does end up with the Spurs, hopefully they can smooth this incident over and work well together. Check in with us again soon for more updates on the possible trade between the Nets, the Lakers and the Spurs, and to find out more about how Sochan and Branham are fitting in with the team.