Jeremy Sochan’s Hellacious Dunk Spawns Legendary Reactions

Jeremy Sochan rose to the heavens, absorbed a smack to the face and threw down one of the most disgusting dunks in recent Spurs history. Kings center Domantas Sabonis tried to defend the rim but ended up on a poster instead.

The Spurs have lost eight of their last nine games but who cares about that right now? Let’s spend some time reveling in the majesty of Sochan’s dunk. 

-That lightning-fast reverse spin dribble the moment that De’Aaron Fox went for the steal was gorgeous. It’s even more impressive when you consider that Fox is probably the quickest player in the league. Not bad for a rookie power forward.

-The way Sochan kept the ball low to keep it away from Terence Davis after evading Fox was wise beyond his years.

-Sochan paused for a moment in the air when he collided with Sabonis and then got slapped — yet he still managed to finish with a dunk. Wow.

(-Sochan’s fingers didn’t actually touch the rim so it wasn’t technically a dunk — but we’re calling it a dunk anyways. Shhhh.)

The reactions after Sochan’s dunk were arguably even more entertaining than the dunk itself.

Let’s start with the relatively subdued reactions from the Spurs.

First we have Devin Vassell’s hearty low-five while the classy Kings fan applaud Sochan’s effort:

Then there’s the reaction from the Spurs bench:

 -Keldon Johnson, the loudest human being you will ever meet, has no words for what he just saw. All he can do is melt in Charles Bassey’s arms.

-Isaiah Roby with a divine assessment of what he just witnessed: “Oh my … Oh my God!”

-Wily veterans Josh Richardson and Doug McDermott (and, hey, there’s Matt Bonner in the back) trying to act like the adults in the room — but struggling to keep a straight face.

-Even Kings fans can’t stop themselves from smiling.

The most memorable reactions were actually from the Kings bench:

-Chima Moneke, the dude in the goggles, had to get up and excuse himself from the bench after seeing that dunk through his prescription lenses.

-Former Spurs big man Trey Lyles had to use his hand to reposition his jaw after it dropped.

-Last but certainly not least is Keon Ellis and his eyes that almost popped out of his head. 

Poor guy turned into a future meme template following the Sochan massacre.

-Funny enough, the Kings actually challenged the foul called against Sabonis on this dunk. Apparently, they were hoping that Sochan’s knee would negate the play and erase all memories of the slam. As it turned out, the referees ruled it’s okay for a player to bend his leg when he jumps. Sochan’s dunk — and the foul — stood.

-Yes, the Kings got the last laugh by trouncing the Spurs by a final score of 130-112. Spurs fans will have to settle for finding solace (and fun) in Sochan’s filthy dunk.