Joshua Primo Press Conference Notes and Video: Buzbee, Accuser Discuss Primo, Spurs

Attorney Tony Buzbee and Dr. Hillary Cauthen, a former psychologist for the San Antonio Spurs, held a press conference this morning to discuss the events that resulted in Joshua Primo getting waived by the Spurs. Cauthen is accusing Primo of exposing himself to her and she’s accusing the franchise of not taking appropriate action when notified.

Here are notes from the press conference. A video of the entire press conference is embedded below.

-Buzbee says a lawsuit has been filed against both the Spurs and Primo. Additionally, Buzbee says that a criminal case is to be filed in Bexar County against Primo for indecent exposure.

-Cauthen began working for the Spurs in April of 2021. Her job was to help players become “better players and better people.” Cauthen, who Buzbee pointed out has five degrees and was a former college athlete, says that the Spurs job was her dream job.

-Primo allegedly exposed himself to Cauthen in “almost” the very first season in late December of 2021.

-Cauthen reported the activity to Spurs general manager Brian Wright in January of 2022. She would have reported it sooner but had difficulties landing a meeting with Wright. When she did report it to Wright, Cauthen thought the Spurs weren’t taking the matter seriously. 

-Cauthen claims that the Spurs told her to keep doing sessions with Primo. Cauthen reported that instead of Primo’s conduct stopping, his conduct “escalated.”

-Cauthen was assured by Wright that there’d be an investigation and that Primo would face a “write-up” and “consequences.” Cauthen claims Primo didn’t face any consequences.

-Instead of Primo facing consequences, Cauthen felt that she was punished. She claims her access to the team was restricted and that the Spurs told her she could work from home.

-Buzbee said that Cauthen tried to make sure that Gregg Popovich was told about the situation. Buzbee says the Spurs claimed to have told Popovich in June of 2022 about Primo’s conduct but that Popovich may not have been told and that they “might have been lied to” regarding Popovich being notified.

-Cauthen claims she was told to “sit it out” and told her she didn’t have to attend summer league in Las Vegas in July of 2022. (Primo was on the team’s summer league roster.)

-Buzbee claims that Primo repeated his conduct in Las Vegas. Buzbee didn’t have any details of this incident.

-Cauthen’s contract wasn’t renewed in August of 2022.

-After not having her contract renewed, Cauthen reached out to Buzbee.

-There was to be a Nov. 10 meeting between representatives of Cauthen, Primo and the Spurs. However, the Spurs waived Primo prior to that meeting.

-Buzbee said there was an incident in Minnesota that was a continuation of Primo’s conduct. He speculated that the Minnesota incident was the final straw and led to Primo’s release. Buzbee didn’t have any first-hand knowledge of what allegedly happened in Minnesota and hasn’t heard from any victims from the alleged Minnesota incident.

-Buzbee says Cauthen repeatedly tried to handle the issue internally but “unfortunately it didn’t work out that way.”

-Buzbee said “we have been threatened” by Primo’s lawyers from California.

-In the press conference, due to HIPAA regulations, Buzbee and Cauthen could only discuss alleged criminal actions that took place during the psychological sessions between Cauthen and Primo. They couldn’t talk about what was said during the sessions.

-Buzbee claims that the Spurs are responsible for leaking details of what led to Primo’s release.

-Buzbee made a call during the press conference for any victims or witnesses of Primo’s conduct to reach out to him.

-Buzbee says this isn’t about money. Instead, Cauthen wants changes to be made within the Spurs organization in terms of reporting inappropriate actions and following up on such actions.

-When given a chance to talk, Cauthen said she asked for help and gave the Spurs options but that the “organization failed me.”

-Cauthen also said: “It took the Spurs ten months to do the right thing, that’s too long.”