Manu Ginóbili Elected to NBA Hall of Fame

The legendary San Antonio Spurs guard Manu Ginóbili just received the great honor of induction into the NBA Hall of Fame. This was the first year that Ginóbili became eligible, and now, his numerous achievements are receiving the highest recognition.

Celebrating Manu Ginóbili’s Epic Achievements

The 2022 class of the Basketball Hall of Fame inducted Ginóbili alongside Tim Hardaway, George Karl, Swin Cash, Bob Huggins, Lindsay Whalen, Marianne Stanley and Hugh Evans.

Reacting to the news, two-time All-Star Ginóbili said, “You start playing ball because you love it, because it’s fun, because you’re there with friends, in my case because it was almost a family mandate. We were all by the club, and we all played, and we all loved it, and we talked about it, and we just carry on. That passion, that drive to build up, one thing brings to the other one, and now when I thought there were not going to be more surprises after my career was done, you get recognition like this which makes you go back a little bit in time and relive your story, and it’s incredible.”

Ginóbili played internationally before the Spurs selected him in 2002-03. He remained with the team through 2018. Among his numerous career highlights are four NBA championship wins, A EuroLeague title in 2001, NBA Sixth Man of the Year in 2008, and an Olympic gold metal.

Coming from Argentina, Ginóbili never expected a career in the NBA. He stated, “It’s one in tens of millions. The odds are very, very slim and it just happened to me. I don’t know what happened, but I was the one.”

What Made Ginóbili Such a Successful Player?

Ask any Spurs player whom they miss the most from past seasons. A lot of them will answer “Manu” without hesitation. Few other two guards could match his passing abilities. And even well after he peaked, he continued to play at an astonishingly competitive level.

Along with his technical abilities, Ginóbili endeared himself to his teammates and fans with his intensity on the court as well as humility on and off the court.

Coach Gregg Popovich said, “Thrilled for him just like everybody here in San Antonio and back in Argentina I’m sure, it’s a wonderful thing. We knew we had a wild, competitive, young man who was in love with basketball, and was quite athletic, and just fierce. Just seemed to have no fear and do whatever it might be that he needed to do to win. He was a force of nature, and that’s what we saw initially, to be honest.”