Manu Ginobili Rumored to Be Back in NBA 2K21 Video Game

Manu Ginobili is amongst San Antonio Spurs legends, thanks to his contributions to the franchise. That included playing from 2002 through 2018 and helping the team win four of their NBA titles. Surprisingly, he was absent from the NBA 2K20 video game, despite being part of 2K19. Now rumors have popped up that Manu will make his return as part of an NBA 2K21 team.

Manu Ginobili Rumored to be Part of NBA 2K21 Game

The NBA 2K21 rumors about the Spurs’ Manu Ginobili popped up due to a tweet ahead of the game’s release. It’s a screenshot from a foreign version of the video game showing off a MyPlayer archetype build. On the left side of the created player is a list of players with Manu Ginobili, C.J. McCollum, and Evan Fournier.

That could simply be a reference to the types of player archetypes as available options, rather than a confirmation of Ginobili’s return to the game. However, it could also indicate he’s included amongst the playable basketball players in the game. C.J. McCollum is currently with the Portland Trail Blazers, while Evan Fournier suits up for the Orlando Magic.

Recent editions of the NBA 2K video game featured All-Time or Classic teams. The All-Time Team generally includes the best players from the history of the franchise, which would seem to include Ginobili, along with players like Tim Duncan, Tony Parker, David Robinson, and Kawhi Leonard. Classic teams are generally teams that had a great roster, or success in the league, which points to a number of Spurs squads over the championship seasons.

However, NBA 2K’s Courtside Report about the upcoming game mentions IDOLS for NBA 2K21 MyTeam mode. IDOLS will be a special player series in the game similar to the PRIME series in 2K20. These will be packs of cards with a headlining star or two, which could mean Manu will be a featured IDOL. The report even mentions:

Our first IDOL was missing in action for NBA 2K20, but we are excited for his return this year, nay, next month!

Ginobili Impressed with Current NBA Star

Former Spurs player Robert Horry shared how impressed he was by Manu Ginobili, a foreign talent who came to the Spurs from Argentina. He was teammates with Tony Parker from France, and the two surprised plenty of critics and fans based on their All-Star or championship play.

Now it seems Ginobili has found another interrnational talent who is impressive to him. It’s not surprising, as it’s the Dallas Mavs’ Luka Doncic. He was last year’s Rookie of the Year after a great first season with Dallas, and this season has them in a tight series with the Los Angeles Clippers.

Ginobili was among the many people who marveled at Doncic’s game-winning shot he hit against the Clips at the NBA playoffs. “This kid is unbelievable! 43/17/13 in playoffs against a great team and @ 21 years old,” Ginobili said in the translation of his tweet.

manu ginobili tweets about luka doncic shot

Early in the season, Doncic was mentioned amongst MVP contenders. He’s certainly looking like a future superstar in the league. If the NBA 2K21 rumors end up being true, gamers will be able to try out Manu Ginobili against Luka Doncic in a battle of international stars on the virtual court! Visit our Spurs page here for more of the latest team and player updates.