Manu Ginobili, Tim Duncan Enjoying New Athletic Hobby Together After Basketball

Manu Ginobili and Tim Duncan shared a bond for years as part of some impressive San Antonio Spurs rosters. The two Spurs legends won four championships together during their time. They’ve now gone on to enjoying retired life which includes multiple endeavors. However, one of those is a new athletic hobby which both Ginobili and Duncan are enjoying together.

Manu Ginobili Shares Cycling Progress

Many players might continue to put up some shots casually in their own indoor or outdoor courts, or even take up golf. In the case of Manu Ginobili and Tim Duncan, it looks like the Spurs greats are pursuing cycling together. Manu has shared several images on his Instagram regarding the athletic hobby.

Back in late August, Manu shared a couple of images on one IG post. One of those showed he and Duncan smiling together wearing their helmets just after a ride. In the second image, Ginobili had their trip stats and a funny caption.

As Ginobili notes in his caption, it was a 20-mile trip and left him tired out. However, he said “I finished exhausted and he was fresh as a cucumber. #TDstillaBeast” referring to the legend Tim Duncan.

Fast forward to September 28, and Ginobili has shared another image from his and Duncan’s cycling journey. This time they were joined by a friend and had gone 25 miles. It took them about an hour and a half, but they averaged 28 miles an hour of average speed, a nice improvement upon their previous trip.

“First 25-mile ride today! The old man did pretty good for his age. The team is getting better!” Manu noted in his latest caption which he also presented in Spanish.

“Go retired Spurs Go,” one fan commented on the newest IG post.

“The Spurs and riding bikes are two of my most favorite things in this world—it makes me so happy to see you and TD riding together!” another commenter said.

Former NBA player Cuttino Mobley also commented on the post saying, “@manuginobili love to see this brother.”

Retired Spurs still Enjoying NBA during Retirement Years

Manu Ginobili spent 15 years in the NBA, all with the San Antonio Spurs, while Duncan had an 18-year career. They achieved four championships together and have since gone on to enjoy retirement. Not only are they taking cycling trips together, but Tim Duncan still works with the Spurs as an assistant coach.

Ginobili is more removed from the league, although he’s been known to enjoy a game of the NBA 2K21 video game. He was recently featured as the headliner for the game’s first MyTeam Idols pack release featuring a high-rated Ginobili card inside.

Manu also appears to be enjoying the NBA playoffs since retirement. He recently commented on one of the game’s other greatest players, Lebron James, who has recently reached the Finals again.

Additionally, Manu offered hat’s off to head coach Erik Spoelstra and the Miami Heat for their run at the Orlando bubble. The Heat reached the finals this past weekend and will take on LeBron’s Lakers for the NBA Championship.

It’s a team Manu is quite familiar with from his playing days, as the San Antonio Spurs and Heat faced off in back-to-back NBA Finals in 2013 and 2014.