Manu Ginobili, Tony Parker Get Involved With NBA 2K21 and Rainbow Six

San Antonio Spurs greats Manu Ginobili and Tony Parker are legends on the basketball court, as they helped the team achieve four championships. They’ve since retired from hooping it up and are now involved with video games to different degrees. Manu has discovered himself within the NBA 2K21 video game, while Parker is helping serve as an ambassador for a Rainbow Six event.

Manu Ginobili Plays as Himself in NBA 2K21 Game

In the latest edition of 2K Sports’ basketball simulation game, NBA 2K21, there are a host of All-Time teams, including the San Antonio Spurs team. Manu Ginobili is amongst the reserves on that team, coming in as a backup for all-time great George Gervin at shooting guard. Manu brings a 90 overall rating (out of 100) to the virtual court, which includes A or better grades for his inside scoring, playmaking, and shooting.

The four-time NBA champion recently had an opportunity to play as himself in the NBA 2K21 game. Manu posted a video of himself displaying the popular Eurostep move he helped make famous. He clearly was having fun with it too, including poking fun at how he’s bald compared to his previous self in the NBA years ago.

“Look at that handsome man in my kids video game,” Ginobili posted on his video of the Spurs playing LeBron James and the Heat.

“Nice move baldie,” he posted on the video after doing a running hook shot style layup in the lane.

Ginobili is among many stars on a stacked Spurs All-Time team that includes Tim Duncan, David Robinson, Kawhi Leonard, and LaMarcus Aldridge.

The new game also features the current Spurs team as well as their 1997-98 roster. However, Ginobili didn’t join the league until 1999 when he was drafted in the second round by San Antonio.

Parker Part of Rainbow Six World Cup

Manu’s former teammate Tony Parker is also part of that All-Time Spurs team, as he should be. However, he hasn’t posted any recent footage of himself trying the game out. Instead, Parker has been busy as he’s promoting the Rainbow Six World Cup. Per News 4 San Antonio, the Frenchman is an official ambassador for the upcoming tournament.

It’s an inaugural event in which the first-ever Rainbow Six World Cup trophy will be awarded. The worldwide Rainbow Six competition features players representing 45 different countries and regions. Parker talked to Ubisoft about his involvement with the upcoming event.

“First of all, I appreciate that Ubisoft called me to be an ambassador because we’re making history as the first World Cup for the game, Rainbow Six,” Parker told Ubisoft. “It’s just an honor for me to be a part of this great event and share my experiences.”

Parker also named his Rainbow Six team, consisting of fellow basketball stars. Unsurprisingly, he went with the all-French lineup too.

“Rudy Gobert, he plays a lot. So I am definitely putting him on my team. Vincent Poirier, who plays for the Boston Celtics. Frank Ntilikina, from the Knicks he plays a lot too. Evan Fournier from Orlando. I’m going a French team and then Nicolas Batum,” Parker said.

In addition to the esports ambassador gig, Tony Parker is also involved with horse racing. His horse Best Win recently claimed a victory in the past several weeks. Visit our Spurs news page for more of the latest team and player updates.