Manu Ginobili Reacts to Video of Spurs Fan Crying About Him After Surgery

Surgery often involves anesthesia as part of the process and sometimes can lead to some interesting after-effects. For one San Antonio Spurs fan, the moments after her oral surgery involved crying out for Manu Ginobili. The former Spurs star also saw the footage since it went viral and reacted to seeing someone so moved by his career.

Video: Spurs San Cries Over Manu Ginobili

According to a News 4 San Antonio report, Spurs fan Emily Dawn Guerra went viral after a video clip surfaced from her post-surgery car ride. During the video, she’s still dealing with some anesthesia as she’s coming back to her normal self. After talking about the surgery briefly, another woman in the car asks Guerra to reveal why she loves Manu Ginobili so much.

That’s when the waterworks start and Guerra cries, “He was the best sixth man. But I miss him. I don’t know him but I miss him.” She also hilariously questioned why Manu had to “go bald and retire.” Check out the clip below to learn of Guerra’s devotion to the Spurs legend.

Manu Reacts to Fan’s Funny Video

It didn’t take Manu to learn about the Spurs fan crying out for him in the viral video. The four-time NBA champion replied after seeing the video posted on Twitter. It’s clear he appreciated the attention and got a chuckle out of her sentiments.

“The funniest and sweetest thing! “Why did he have to go bald and retire?Thank you so much!” Ginobili tweeted as a response to the girl’s video.

Ginobili, a former two-time All-NBA, and two-time All-Star won the league’s Sixth Man Award for the 2007-08 season. He also was part of the Spurs’ Big Three along with Tony Parker and Tim Duncan. The Argentinian baller won four titles with the Spurs and ultimately retired in 2017-18 after a career that spanned 16 seasons.

Several weeks ago, ESPN named him along with former Spurs Parker, Duncan, David Robinson, and Kawhi Leonard amongst the best 50 NBA players of all time.

Manu Ginobili’s reaction to the Spurs fan crying over him is pretty great to see, several years after his retirement. While the girl’s video brings some humor, it’s clear the anesthesia had her boasting of Manu’s greatness.

It’s also not the first time he’s been part of a funny video in some way. Many NBA, Spurs, and sports fans probably remember he famously swatted a bat out of the air that was flying around the court during a game.

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