Quick Grades: Spurs vs. Warriors – Game #71

DeMar DeRozan A
Strong all-around game. Aggressive offensively — created a multitude of quality shots for himself and his teammates. Made big plays on offense down the stretch to win the game. Defensively, also very good. Quick, smart closeout on shooters. Stingy individual defense in isolations. Quick rotations. 

LaMarcus Aldridge A
Uber efficient on offense. Patient, heady decisions all night long. Read the defense very well. Played physically on both ends. Burly in the paint, which led to a game-high in rebounds. Supplied great help on shooters; likely his best game of the season in terms of defending pick-and-rolls. 

Derrick White B+
A definite asset on defense. All Warriors had a tough time shaking him unless a screen was set. Extremely quick help-defense and chose spots wonderfully in that regard. Flashed his potential offensively in the first half with a variety of crafty moves and smart decisions. Rushed a bit too much on offense in the second half. 

Jakob Poeltl B+
Another rock solid performance. Sturdy in the lane on defense and, more importantly, showed an ability to help out on the perimeter. Swam the deep end to get a hand up to disrupt a number of shots. Crashed the boards on offense, wasn’t bashful around the rim and meshed well into the team concept. 

Bryn Forbes B-
Shot wasn’t dropping. Ball-handling shaky. Palms sweaty. Knees weak. Arms heavy. His defense didn’t appear to be overly effective but the Warriors didn’t hit many shots in his neighborhood. Mom’s spaghetti. 

Rudy Gay B
Supplied the bench unit with a much needed go-to scorer. Could have passed a little more but then again he had a majority of the bench’s assists. Gave a strong effort in the paint and wasn’t bad individually on D. Rotations-wise, though, he was really bad. Made mistake after mistake after mistake. 

Davis Bertans B+
Was quick-shooting it in the first three quarters — might have been too amped up. Settled down in the fourth and hit two key shots, including a decisive three-pointer at the 1:53 mark. Even when he was missing, his aggressiveness created spacing. Defensively, held up really well against Golden State’s perimeter talent. Successfully used his length to bother shots and interrupt passing lanes. 

Marco Belinelli B-
Offensively, the Spurs needed every drop of his production. Unafraid to shoot but didn’t try to do too much. Defensively, his slowness was a glaring weakness that the Warriors successfully exploited on numerous occasions. 

Patty Mills B
Good energy. Confidentially let it fly. Pushed the pace well. His ball-handling was even less crisp than usual but he still mostly got the ball to where it needed to go. Got overwhelmed quite a bit defensively but fought enough to avoid becoming too much of a liability. 

Pop A-
Smart defensive gameplan that involved a lot of switching and only helping off of certain players. Team bought into it and performed very well on that end of the court. Offensively, Spurs played with a purpose the majority of the evening. Only a few wasted possessions. I liked the rotation: limited Forbes, let Bertans play in crunch time, kept Poeltl involved, rode DeRozan more than usual. 

Great win. Nine in a row. Well done, gents.

LJ Ellis