Reasons the Spurs Should Sign John Collins

If there is one name that is all the buzz right now among Spurs fans and sports reporters, it is John Collins. It probably isn’t realistic to think that recruiting one guy could solve all of the Spurs’ problem. But if anyone can tempt fans into thinking such a thing is possible right now, Collins is that man. In this post, we are going to go over some reasons the Spurs should sign John Collins.

But first, it is worth mentioning the cost. KENS5 reports, “He reportedly turned down an extension in the neighborhood of 4 years, $90 million earlier this season in hopes of earning a max contract–or close to it–as a restricted free agent.”

So yes—it would be expensive to sign Collins. But at this point, I think it makes plenty of sense. Let’s get into why.

The Spurs Should Sign John Collins for These Reasons

1. He’s the big man power forward we need right now.

We’ve been having Keldon Johnson play power forward. To his credit, he rose admirably to the occasion. Watching his performance this past season was easily one of the most rewarding parts to me. But here’s the thing—he is still undersized for that role, and we still need someone else to fill it.

John Collins would be ideal for filling this gap. Not only that, but the fact that he may be attainable at all is worth factoring in. Quality power forwards are not exactly easy to come by right now. We should not miss the opportunity.

2. He’d fit the Spurs well on and off the court.

If you have watched Collins playing with Clint Capela, you should be able to see how he could integrate with the Spurs. Just switch out Clint Capela for Jakob Poeltl in your mind, and you will see that Collins could help to balance out Poeltl nicely, offsetting his weaknesses and supporting his strengths.

Along with fitting in with the Spurs on the court, Collins also should fit well with the team in the locker room. He seems to have a mindset that is compatible with the Spurs team culture, and that can be every bit as key.

Given everything above, I think that Collins would feel right at home in San Antonio. While he is already a great player, he is nowhere near the peak of his game yet. One of the Spurs’ greatest assets is their ability to develop young players. This is the team that can help Collins to maximize his potential. In turn, I think he could help us maximize ours.

3. If we don’t grab him, someone else will.

Maybe it should go without saying, but if we miss out on this chance, another team is going to take it. CBS reports that along with the Spurs, other teams that are interested in recruiting Collins include the Minnesota Timberwolves, the Dallas Mavericks, and Miami Heat.

We can either have Collins playing with our team next season, or we can go up against him on the court. If we are not the ones to sign him, I have a feeling we will end up regretting our lost opportunity.

Collins Won’t Come Cheap, But He Would Be Worth It

Many fans protest at the idea of awarding Collins a max contract. But we do have the cap space for it, and he would bring enough value to the team to justify it. In fact, it would not even stretch our budget to the point where we would need to be concerned. How often do we have that kind of financial flexibility at our disposal? I say we use it.