Reasons the Spurs Should Re-Sign Demar DeRozan

As you are likely aware, Spurs forward DeMar DeRozan may be leaving the Spurs as he is an unrestricted free agent. At that point, either of two things can happen. Either the Spurs re-sign him for a new contract, or another team picks him up. While keeping the 32-year-old forward would involve some drawbacks, I feel the Spurs should re-sign Demar Derozan. Let’s take a look at the pros and cons.

Why the Spurs Should Re-Sign Demar DeRozan

First of all, let’s consider some of the reasons why the Spurs may decide to let DeRozan go. First of all, he isn’t a strong perimeter shooter, and that is a major issue that has been holding us back. For another thing, as just mentioned, he is 32 years old. He’s no spring chicken, and he does not have nearly as much room to develop as our younger players. Indeed, keeping him around could hamper their development. He is also expensive, particularly in light of his age. He is not strong on defense either. And as with shooting, defense is a significant issue for our team.

NBCSports says, “Both DeRozan and San Antonio might be ready to move on – especially if the Spurs (24-24, ninth place in the Western Conference) continue to sink this season.”

So, why should the Spurs think about re-signing DeRozan? Why might they not be ready to move on? For one thing, despite the fact that he is expensive, letting him go could be a costly choice as well. It would not do all that much for our cap space, and would not leave us with the bargaining power we would need to come out ahead.

There are plenty of good reasons on the court as well to think about re-signing this forward. He is a solid playmaker and scorer—and his shooting has gotten better. Also, while some of our players have proven to be injury-prone, DeRozan is not among them. It is rare for him to miss a game or to struggle with a recovery. So, he brings consistency both in terms of his performance and his health. After our struggles last season, that is definitely something we could use.

If the Spurs do not decide to re-sign DeRozan, where might he end up?

NBA Analysis Network owner Evan Massey has mentioned that the Lakers might want to pick up DeRozan. But right now, that is just a rumor that a “source” said. So, you probably should take it with a grain of salt (though it would probably be a good move for both DeRozan and the Lakers).

I can understand the arguments that we should let go of DeRozan, and there are plenty of legitimate points to make against him. But I feel that overall, he is a very strong player, and that what we would get by giving him up is not worth it. Simply put, there is more value in re-signing him than there would be in trying to free up some cap space by parting ways.