Report: DeMar DeRozan May Join the Lakers, Accept Pay Cut

As an unrestricted free agent, Spurs forward DeMar DeRozan may either leave the team, or re-sign with the Spurs. As you may be aware, there have been rumors swirling about DeRozan possibly going to the Los Angeles Lakers. Now, there is a new report that adds further weight to that possibility. Apparently, DeMar DeRozan may join the Lakers at a pay cut. Let’s learn more.

DeMar DeRozan May Join the Lakers According to the Los Angeles Times

The report regarding DeRozan and the Lakers comes from Los Angeles Times writer Broderick Turner. Broderick writes, “DeRozan, who starred at Compton High and USC, has interest in returning home to play for the Lakers, even if it is for less than the $27.7 million he earned last season in San Antonio, according to people not authorized to speak publicly on the matter.” He continues, “Though the Lakers didn’t acquire Lowry at the trade deadline, he remains interested in joining them, according to people with knowledge of his situation.”

While “people knowledgeable of his situation” is a vague source to site, the Los Angeles Times itself is obviously a high-quality publication. So, this report is one to take seriously.

What Kind of Pay Cut Might DeRozan Be Open To?

As just mentioned, last season, playing with the Spurs, DeMar DeRozan made $27.7 million. Speculating on what kind of offer the Lakers might make, CBS writes, “Their likeliest path to signing DeRozan would be through the taxpayer mid-level exception worth roughly $5.9 million. In the event that DeRozan is not willing to accept a 75 percent pay cut, the Lakers could also engineer a sign-and-trade for him from San Antonio … acquiring any player through a sign-and-trade triggers a hard cap at the apron.”

Hypothetically, if this represents a realistic scenario, DeRozan would be aware of that. So, we can assume that he might be open to either of these options since he is reportedly considering the move. Joining the Lakers would give him opportunities to grow as a player. Plus, he is from Southern California. So, it would be a chance for him to also return to his roots. Plus, the same report states that the Lakers are interested in recruiting Kyle Lowry. Both players spent time together as members of the Toronto Raptors and would probably enjoy a chance to play together again.

But that by no means guarantees that he will accept a pay cut. When it comes down to it, he might decide that he prefers to keep earning more as a member of the Spurs, despite the attractive possibilities the Lakers offer for his career.

How Would DeRozan Fit in With the Lakers?

From the Lakers’ point of view, there are both pros and cons that go with picking up DeRozan. DeMar could help the Lakers to improve their offensive game with his mid-range shooting. That is something that the team sorely needs. Among the drawbacks are DeRozan’s defensive play and his difficulty shooting 3s.

Dan Feldman at NBCSports states that he does not feel that the Lakers need that much help with their offense, but, “Still, for the right price, DeRozan would help when LeBron sits. Los Angeles has the mid-level exception available.”

This is not the first time there have been rumors that DeMar DeRozan might be traded to the Lakers. Indeed, last November, we reported on the same topic. Of course, at that time, he opted into contract with the Spurs.

Will DeRozan stick around with the Spurs again, or will he join the Lakers this time for real? Only time will tell. We will let you know if there are any further updates about this possible trade.