Rumor: Spurs Interested in Trading for Ben Simmons

Right now, the San Antonio Spurs are in a place of uncertainty and opportunity. The team has lost a lot of its veteran players, and it is time for the young players the Spurs have been developing to take front and center stage. But those young players along with the remaining veterans only have so much potential as things stand. It makes sense for the team to consider a trade for a high profile player. According to recent rumors, they might be thinking of trading for 76ers power forward Ben Simmons.

The Spurs are Reportedly Thinking About Trading for Ben Simmons

The discussion about Ben Simmons and the Spurs seems to have its origins in an article by Jake Fischer at Bleacher Report. The article states, “There is a faction of the Spurs front office rumored to strongly covet Simmons.” Fischer points out that the team has recruited other Australian players in the past. Additionally, “Personnel who spent time with Team USA during the Tokyo Olympics also suggested to B/R that longtime Spurs shooting czar Chip Engelland would relish the opportunity to rework Simmons’ mechanics, just as the noted assistant coach ironed out Kawhi Leonard’s jump shot and others before him.”

What Would a Trade for Ben Simmons Look Like?

What trade might coax the 76ers to release Simmons to the Spurs? Robbie Stratakos at Clutch Points suggests the Spurs part with Dejounte Murray and Derrick White as well as a 2022 first-round draft pick. He explains, “Murray and White have each improved over their respective NBA careers, but neither has been the go-to scorer in the Spurs system. With the 76ers, they’d be secondary sources of offense alongside Joel Embiid and Tobias Harris.”

Indeed, Murray and White are the two names that come up in almost every conversation about a trade for Simmons.

Simmons would be a good fit for the Spurs with his well-rounded play. He could help to balance out weaknesses elsewhere on the team and open up opportunities for the team’s offense.

How Likely is it the Trade Will Take Place?

While a trade between the 76ers and the Spurs seems worth considering, that does not mean that it is necessarily a likely outcome.

Indeed, even Fischer is not confident that the Spurs would be able to entice Philadelphia. He believes that in all probability, Simmons isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. That situation would not be comfortable for anyone, but that does not change the reality.

A few months back, posted these odds for trading Simmons:

The odds are listed for Simmons going to the Spurs at +400. That means you would have to risk $400 for a chance to win $100. Those are not good odds. Both the Wizards and the Trail Blazers have better odds (though still not good odds). But Jazz, Thunder, the Warriors, the Lakers, the Cavaliers and the Rockets all have even worse odds.

So, will it happen? Probably not, but it is possible. Join the discussion on the rumored trade for Ben Simmons at SpursTalk forum.